Word! Bit of a special film digest this week, as (scroll to the bottom) you have a chance to be credited with putting a question to Joss Whedon to answer in a video interview in the run up to his rather exciting new film! We also have a fantastic trailer to share with you all, not exclusively unfortunately but it dropped two days ago and is a film very close to my heart for a number of reasons. Also, we flag up an awesome event this coming week that you should absolutely check out if you're London-centric (and in fact, so starts our new column on film-based events we recommend. Tuck in.

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Danny - Film Ed.

Trailer Park

- The 405

My Brother The Devil was one of the few British films featured in competition in Sundance, and amidst a flurry of beaming reviews from the holy trinity of US festival press (Variety, Screen International and Hollywood Reporter) comes the first trailer, affording us poor non-attendees of the triple As a glimpse into the gorgeous cinematography for which it won the award, and the soul-searching, hard-question-asking and ultimately life-affirming plot.

What I find so riveting about the film in general, as well as what you might gather based on the trailer, is that whilst MBTD is indeed a drama set on a poor council estate in Hackney, featuring threatening looking young men and featuring violence, drugs and gangs, it doesn't make the slightest attempt to glamorise, or indeed vilify these facts of life. The film (so beautifully lensed by the promising David Raedeker) casts a dispassionate but nevertheless subjective eye over the events of the film, and the perspectives we as audience are supposed to buy in to are the varied, coloured views of the individual characters; a montage of opinion as opposed to a single, coherent suggestion.

And speaking of the characters; the majority of the major players in the film's narrative are the genuine article, to the extent of the either being from the estate the film is set on, having previous real-gang experience, or in co-lead Fady's case, never actually having trained as an actor, or acted before. The trailer, unfortunately, makes the film seem a little more generic than, I have it on seriously good authority, it actually is; still, this tale of familial love, striking out on your own path looks set to be the next great British estate-drama and debut director Sally El Hossaini is indubitably one to watch. Eyes on whether it makes a strong appearance at Berlin, and thenceforth gets a general theatrical release, because as home-grown cinema goes it would be a real sin to miss out on My Brother The Devil

Be At: Screen Social

- The 405

Wednesday 15th February


7pm - 12am, £3 donation (on the door) / £2 if registered online

From the brilliant, adventurous brains behind itinerant film exhibitors Cannes in a Van comes new venture Screen Social, which aims to bring the worlds of films and music together in a night of free flowing screenings, soundtracks and animations. For their next event, the plucky film fanatics have confirmed screenings from short film festival Rushes Soho Shorts and Straight 8 as well as film soundtrack DJs, The Sound of Film who will be providing a musical back drop to the event. Rushes Soho Shorts will also be holding a short Q&A, and later in the week we'll be featuring an interview with the Cannes In a Van team themselves.


This is unlike most formulaic short film events around, providing unknown directors and filmmakers with a platform to screen their work, in an accessible, friendly environment (the wonderful Book Club in Shoreditch) and frankly looks set to be a blinder. A couple of the The 405 film team will be attending so if you're hedging your bets, rest assured we'll be reporting in, and if you're already sold - make sure you comment below so we can make sure we get to say 'hi'!

Oh - and as with every Screen Social there’ll be Soundtrack Hide & Seek; a mini-quiz feature which asks people to spot the soundtrack tunes hidden throughout the night.


This month proceeds from the door will go towards supporting independent filmmakers through Cannes in a Van – ‘the four-wheel film festival'. Cannes in a Van is a non-profit mobile film festival with its roots in independent film, screening movies at the Cannes Film Festival to a street audience. Screen Social is their first regular UK film event since launching in 2007 and is the next step in expanding the Cannes in a Van mission of ‘bringing film to the people’.

Joss Whedon Wants Your Questions!

- The 405

Boy Is this a special one. You all know Joss Whedon right? (If not - please go and buy the Firefly Blu-ray boxed set immediately because you've missed out on one of the finest sci-fi TV serials ever made, and you probably just never twigged that he was the guy behind Buffy…?

Well, his new film, the awesome and apparently terrifying bloody horror The Cabin in the Woods releases April 13 2012 and he'll be answering the best questions you guys can come up about the film, and his work in general ahead of time. The final interview with Joss will be compiled of the best questions readers of sites the world over have put forward, and will credit the reader who asked it as well as the blog they asked it through, so put your Buffy wig/thinking cap on and get going!

So please post or tweet (@dannythe405) your questions and we'll put them through to the powers that be and cross our fingers for ya. Either way it's set to be a great video interview. Below; a little more official info to whet your interrogative appetite:

Five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods. Bad things happen. If you think you know this story, think again. From fan favourites Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard comes THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, a mind blowing horror film that turns the genre inside out.

Produced by Whedon and directed by Goddard from a script by both, the film stars Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams, Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford. Lionsgate presents a Mutant Enemy production.