Suuup. So, the football! Lots and lots of football. Plenty of good excuses to miss it though if it's not your cup of tea; by now most of you will have formed an opinion on the divisive Prometheus, indulged in some classic Charlize Theron in her new film Snow White and The Huntsman or just endlessly re-watched Moonrise Kingdom. Either way, read on for a snap shot of what's been going on around the fringes, make sure you've not missed the best trailers and generally share the love for Ethan Hawke.

Danny - Film Ed.

News Splash

It's not out until January next year but the calculated or otherwise drip-feed of production info about Tarantino's latest Django Unchained just keeps making the wait even more agonising. It was reported on Thursday by The Huffington Post that the role Jamie Foxx has stepped into was originally written for Will Smith himself, who was forced to decline Tarantino's informal offer due to scheduling conflicts with MiB3. Smith had supremely high praise for the project though, calling it "one of the most amazing screenplays I had ever ever seen"; and he must see a lot of screenplays. As amazing as seeing 405 fave Smith in a slightly more unusual role would have been, we're definitely mollified by Foxx looking fantastic in the recent trailer, and the former's endorsement of the screenplay. It's just a shame that it also means no Smith/Jazzy Jeff theme song into the bargain.

Not sure you can call this news but it certainly continues in the vein of our heroes saying things. This time it's Charlie Sheen, reportedly recently discussing his 2011 meltdown which he capped off with an ill-fated theatre tour: "It's like a weird dream... that I couldn't wake up from... Stick to what you know, man. Don't book a 21-city tour in 33 days with no act.". Wise words as ever Charlie. We loved you in Wall Street

On-screen chemistry is often discussed but rarely really seen on-screen. If you've ever seen Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy in Linklater's Before Sunrise and Beyond Sunset you'll know that snappy dialogue, lyrical meanderings around Paris and Vienna, and an arresting relationship between the films' only two characters made for great screen-time. Without giving anything away, I've always felt the ending to their second film together was a pitch-perfect semi-cliff-hanger, so it's intriguing to hear that Hawke has officially confirmed ongoing reports that he and on-screen muse Delpie are planning another soiree together with Linklater. It'll apparently be shot this summer, but he refused to give anything else away to IndieWire, commenting that "I've gotten into trouble, so I'm sworn to secrecy." I just wonder what they'll call it; they've pretty much covered both halves of the day. Here's hoping for something left of field like 'During Moonshine'.

Poster Child

See above the accompanying, supposedly-freaky poster for the Sinister trailer below. It's not the most imaginative we've ever seen but it has a kind of rustic simplicity that could at least, should the film be any good, become slightly iconic. Below two interesting looking, slightly more under-the-radar releases to look out for.

Trailer Park

More Ethan Hawke! This time for a trailer for his new film 'Sinister', which looks to be an interesting supernatural/crime thriller centred around a Pagan Deity called 'Bagul'. And no, before you ask, he's not the god of savoury, circular toasties. What do you think of the trailer; will it be a schlock scare fest like most of Hollywood's recent horror fare or hark back to classic 'less is more'? Here's very much hoping it's the latter, about time we had another genuinely good scary film to hide behind the sofa to.

Last Chance Saloon

Our review of the latest Japanese oddball drama Himizu

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And make darned sure you don't miss the Django Unchained trailer!

The Cutting Floor

Did you know that Yann Martel's celebrated novel The Life Of Pi was being adapted for the big screen by Ang Lee? No? Yes? Either way, check out the official site for some rather gorgeous concept art.