Ho there, and welcome back to another edition of The 405 Film Digest. This week saw most of you go see Hunger Games we imagine, or possibly that other blockbuster thing with all that Greek warrior lot. Or, if you're more independently minded, perhaps it was Once Upon A Time In Anatolia or The Kid With A Bike? Either way, we forgive/applaud you, and usher you onwards to thoughts on Wild Bill, the week's round up of posters, and the first teaser of what will surely be a divisive remake. Oh, and if you didn't already, make damn sure you check out the Anchorman 2 announcement and Alice Sutherland-Hawes' review of the aforementioned sensation currently smashing Twilight's box office records everywhere

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Danny - Film Ed.

Wild Bill - As Gripping As It Is Mis-Sold

- Danny Wadeson

What a poster! Bruised knuckles, a lurid yellow background and a cockney/rude-boy ensemble peering out of hoodies and caps, evoking some kind of Danny Dyer lad-em-up, or at best a Snatch-like gangster romp. Stupid, really, seeing as whilst that kind of thing might still appeal to a few hard-core Guy Ritchie fanboys and machismo hungry roughnecks, nothing of the film's promotional material hints at Dexter Fletcher's directorial debut's emotional complexity, gritty but often laugh-out-loud humour and nuanced narrative.

Nevermind though eh, because that's what critics are for, to debunk the populist chatter of PR/Marketing departments. I digress. I was lucky enough to attend a screening with a brief introduction by Fletcher himself, who was self-effacing, a bit flustered and really quite shy about the whole 'director' thing, but still, it added one level more intimacy, and intimacy is actually what this film is predicated on; or rather a lack of it between just-out-of-the-can lapsed father Bill and his sons Dean and Jimmy.

What follows is a cross between a coming-of-age, kitchen-sink drama with a simmering undertone of two-bit gangster revenge thriller. It's gripping; for the sensitively measured portrayal of unusual relationships in constant flux, the brief but incredible Andy Serkis screen time, Charlie Creed-Miles' entire performance, and for the wry but constantly believable script, that walks the tightrope of dead-pan brilliance and touching sincerity.

So ignore the poster, the brash pull-quotes, the silly machismo of the trailer; and get stuck in to a real treat of a home-soil movie. The tagline reads 'Wanted...Just not round here'; on the contrary.

Poster Child

- Maria Pilkington

The new Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collabo gets a bit of a...meh?...poster. Yes, all the characters look appropriately funky in their obviously over the top 1970s outfits and hairdos, and Johnny Depp takes over, again playing down his substantial good looks. But I dunno - if you're gonna do a spoof of a somewhat wacky TV show (Depp plays a vampire from a previous century who wakes up in 70s America and doesn't know what the hell's going on, as you'd expect) then maybe you should have more fun with the poster? Sidenote: there are other, more individual character-based posters knocking around for this film.

One of the most eagerly anticipated adaptations of ALL TIME gets its release - finally - this year, with an all-star cast Kristen Stewart, Sam Riley, Amy Adams, Garrett Hedlund and this dude. This isn't the main poster for the film, because he's not the main character, but the artwork on this is so beautiful, so fitting for the film in how it looks like it's been 'on the road' quite a few times, and most of all, it makes me want to listen to Viggo's teachings all day.

Bleurgh! Simply bleurgh. Great cast, great premise - a young girl is dying from leukaemia and so wants to try everything before she dies, top of the list being losing her virginity - ruined by a picture that makes it look like a horrible rom-com starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams (did anyone see The Vow). Yes, Dakota Fanning has the most wondrous blue eyes, but Jeremy Irvine looks like he's accidentally glued himself to her forehead. And Dakota ain't happy y'all.

Ooh. So not only should there really not be a remake of Total Recall even releasing, but I'm pretty sure the designers of the poster for the Jake Gyllenhaal vehicle Source Code should be on the phone to someone about the almost identical image that's going on here. Whatever, nice to see Colin Farrell getting himself about again. Plus: BIG BEN survives in the future. Hurrah! Speaking of which....

Trailer Park

- The 405

Hmm. I want to be excited. Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Bill Nighy; potentially great. Lots of sexy post; potentially not too distasteful. Len Wiseman, of Underworld infamy, at the helm; probably not so great. Still, it's an engaging teaser (no third nipples sadly though) and worth taking a watch, if nothing else to rekindle your pleasant nostalgia for the original!