Hi hi. The football is over! Just. Next week we'll celebrate Spanish and Italian film in honour of neither of them really being able to play football very well. In the meantime, catch up on some interesting film news, catch up on a trailer or two, and answer our new 405 asks!

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When Disney announce a new short film, it's generally a good bet it'll be super creative and not so mainstream as their feature offerings; great news in other words. John Lasseter's team have found a new way to fuse CGI with traditional hand-drawn animation and the result is sure to be stunning. With only the below image to be going on for now though, we'll have to use our imaginations as to just how good the story of a man who tries desperately to win the attention and affection of his dream woman via paper airplanes sent between office blocks in New York will look. The short will be attached to Wreck-It Ralph February 15th

Riddick is back! After the brooding sleeper hit Pitch Black and its sequel The Chronicles Of Riddick, Vin Diesel and the titular badass return for (working title??) Riddick, which the big man took to Facebook to voice his early opinions on the rough draft about: "“Last night I was invited, by the director, to the editing room... to see an early first cut of the new Riddick... WOW!!!"

The cut and thrust of the new film apparently sees the escaped convict left for dead (standard) on a barren world; forced to enlist some rather dubious mercenary help before the incoming lethal storm scuppers his attempts to save his home planet. No current release date means watch this space!

Poster Child

Trailer Park

The Cutting Floor

Amazing gif from the awesome Scott Pilgrim. Poor knives.

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The 405 Asks:

This week, we want to know your favourite football themed film in honour of the Euros ending. Comments below, the best will get a shout out next week.