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Quite whether Robocop needs to be re-booted is something plenty of you will feel quite strongly about; either way, at least Jackie Earle Haley has been confirmed to play Maddox, Robocop's military trainer. Haley joins fellow cast-members Gary Oldman, Hugh Laurie, Samuel L. Jackson and Abbie Cornish, with Joel Kinnaman starring in Jose Padilha's forthcoming film.

Niall Blomkamp! Elysium hype! The Guardian in particular seemed pretty enamoured with the 9-minutes of preview footage the South African maestro behind District 9 unleashed at Comic-Con recently. The film will be set in the near-future, where Earth is a hot-bed for disease and is rife with over-population. The have-nots suffer on the surface whilst the elite migrate to a halo-esque space-station, where everything is peachy; of course if it remained as such it wouldn't make for a very good film... Next March we'll all get a chance to see Sharlto Copley and Blomkamp back in action, and we can't wait.

Continuing totally with the sci-fi theme, Steven Spielberg's next epic blockbuster Robopocalypse (no, I can't believe it's really called that either) has now confirmed its star turn; Chris Hemsworth, fresh from his much-lauded performances in Snow White and The Hunstman and The Avengers will face the robot uprising in April 2014. By which time of course, robots may well have actually uprisen in an effort to produce films quicker and with better names than their fleshy counterparts.

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Near an indie cinema? Make sure you check out the fantastic Electrick Children, a surprisingly funny and tender look at an exiled young Mormon's rite of passage through the young, grungy underbelly of Las Vegas in search love, of sorts.

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