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Everyone's favourite child star Chloe Moretz looks to have quite the slate lined up. After very recently announcing that she's to star in the re-make of supernatural gore-fest Carrie it looks like the foul-mouthed Kick Ass assassin is currently in talks to star in indie rite of passage tale The Wilderness Of James. Writer Michael Johnson penned the script, and plans to make his directorial debut telling the story young boy dealing with the absence of his father while living in Portland. Johnson is planning to use the movie as his directorial debut. Moretz isn't confirmed but could this be the diminutive actress' most 'grown up' role yet? We certainly hope it gets confirmed.

Ok, this is just getting ridiculous now. For the past couple of weeks we've reported on tween novel adaptations and trilogies; now drops the news that Summit Entertainment, of, get this, Twilight Fame and who just merged with Hunger Games team Lionsgate, recently bought the rights to Veronica Ruth's Divergent series (a trilogy, natch...) before the first book was even published.. It's as though all the forces of (often) worthless film adaptations of trashy tween fiction are coming together to cause a hysterical young girl box office singularity in which every franchise remotely supernatural is sucked up by the Hollywood machine and spat out to a nightmarish horde guaranteed as a result to devour any incidentally literary collateral. Neil Burger (great name, bad director) of Limitless is set to direct the first of the series. Christ.

Awesome ensemble case alart: Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby, Casino Royale, Crash) is helming a new movie entitled Third Person and he's just added James Franco to the cast list, alongside Olivia Wilde, Liam Neeson, Mila Kunis and Casey Affleck. Really making the best of the Rule Of Three, Haggis comments that the story involves three interconnected couples across three cites, and details the three stages of each relationship. Filming begins in Rome this October.

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