Ciao! Bit warm eh? Not that we're complaining, not one jot, as the cinema presents an ever-air-conned safe haven away from these battering rays. And you get to see a film into the bargain! There's been a good bunch hitting the silver screen recently, so let us know what you've managed to see on twitter using the hashtag #coolfilms. We've also streamlined the format of the digest a little more, adding in a new segment entitled The Cutting Floor, our little roundup of the best film ephemera from around the web. Let me know, as ever, what you think or if you have some you think the world (or the portion of it that reads The 405) needs to see.

p.s. do excuse us being a day late, slight techno snafu last night! We do realise it's not Sunday still though…

Danny - Film Ed.

News Splash

Cannes is about to wrap once more, so it's time to start looking seriously at the award winners. Well, one film in particular got a huge 'yes' from the judges; director Pablo Larrian's historical drama No, starring Gael Garcia Bernal as the Chilean advertising exec who played a pivotal role in helping topple dictator General Augusto Pinochet's regime was just named the winner of the Art Cinema Award, arguably the most prestigious prize in the Directors' Fortnight section. Bernal tends to smash anything and everything out of the park, and the premise is an unusual one; consider us sold.

In Robert Pattinson related news, (as this nearly dictates a segment of its own, he's getting about so much these days...) the British Twilight, Cosmopolis and Bel Ami star has announced he'll be turning up again for a biopic about classic self-reflexive rock band 'The Band'. Details are currently scarce but apparently he picture will focus on the band's craft; in an interview with French magazine Les InRockuptibles, Pattinson bleats "I'm going to do a movie about The Band, the one that played with (Bob) Dylan: a beautiful script about the nature of songwriting."

In a slightly justified bit of box office news, Battleship didn't exactly end up floating many people's boats, taking in just $25.3 million in its NA launch. Analysts have suggested the film sunk so badly because of a 'lack of youth interest'. I suggest the film misfired because it was hammy and ridiculous. In other BO news, MiB 3 finally knocked Avengers off its lofty perch, bringing home $75-80 million in its 'Memorial Day' opening. Over on our balmy shores, last weekend's biggest hitter was Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator, which embezzled a cool £12,951,409.

Poster Child

If you haven't seen all the new The Dark Knight Rises character posters yet then you must have been hiding away in your basement, and on the other hand, you're not missing much. Down below is the best one, click on it for the full set. Up above is the new poster for Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's new film Ted, which is a) a more inspiring poster and b) unsurprisingly crude. Looking forward to this mind-in-the-gutter live action comedy!

Trailer Park

Well, this one looks pretty nasty. Video nasty in fact; Elijah Wood is set to star in this remake of 80s serial killer flick Maniac directed by Franck Khalfoun, originally by Bill Lustig, and follows a pretty off-the-wall dude who works in a mannequin shop by day and indulges his penchant for scalping people by night. It's not unheard of for Elijah Wood to play more unhinged roles (The Faculty, Sin City) so he could well bring his trade-mark huge eyes to bear on his most gory role yet with real charisma. Eyes (not scalps) peeled for more reactions from Cannes on this one soon...

Last Chance Saloon

On The Road trailer

Jonny Wildey's impressions of the first WRONG teaser by Quentin Dupeiux

First Magnificent 7 remake details.

The Cutting Floor

Welcome to our new feature! Simply put; cool shit to do with film we've stumbled across in our weekly internet scouting.

The 8 bit casts of geek film favourites!

Blade Runner flavour mags - "Scratch and sniff centre-fold!"

Pretty sick gif of some Middle Earth locations.