News Splash

Any new Christian Bale news is good news. So it's with an eyebrow raised in pleasant curiosity that we note the Dark Knight's alter ego is due to star in writer Boston Teran's The Creed of Violence., a film based on the 2009 book that will be directed by Academy Award nominated filmmaker Todd Field. The tale concerns charismatic antagonist Rawbone (Bale) and the law-man forced to team up with him in order to stay out of jail. The film is set in rosy 1910's Mexico and the producers are apparently anticipating an early 2013 release.

Oh Arnie, whether it's weight-lifting tips and how they can help the US come to terms with healthcare reform or just plain old movie bashing, you never fail to disappoint. "The original action movies that Sly (Stallone), Bruce Willis and I did in the 80s were popular because the heroes had muscles and looked believable. Now there are a lot of capes and tights, which is OK. There's room for both kinds (of films)... (but) there need to be movies with real muscles, real guns, and fight scenes instead of just people flying around with capes on and superpowers." Arnold Schwarzenegger jibes at comic/superhero movies in the wake of the recent press trail for his latest film The Expendables 2 Do you think he has a point?

If you haven't read Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, read the comics, or heard about it from a geeky friend, then you should know that it has the potential to be one of the biggest and most ambitious fantasy epics since Lord Of The Rings. What's more, the future of the project hangs in the balance; Warner Bros is getting a new script from Akiva Goldsman in the next week or two and shortly after the studio will decide whether to green-light the first leg of the series. Javier Bardem was initially slated to play the lead role of Gunslinger Rolan Deschain (which would have been awesome) but it looks like Ron Howard and producers Brian Grazer and Goldsman now eyeing up Russell Crowe instead (potentially awesome, potentially ruinous.) Learn more (including spoilers!) right here if you're curious, adaptation or not.

Poster Child

Some action packed posters this week, both for films that have the potential to swing dramatically to either side of the quality spectrum, but by golly do we hope they land firmly in 'bad-ass' as opposed to 'suck-ass' because they have real potential.

Trailer Park

It was a real tough choice as to which trailer to highlight this week. Then Brad Pitt was in one. Directed by Andrew Dominik (The Assassination Of Jesse James), Killing Them Softly follows Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt), who investigates a heist that took place during a poker game, and will be hitting screens (gently) 21st September 2012. Oh, and it'll include Ray Liotta (!!!), Richard Jenkins and James Gandolfini in its cast too.

The Cutting Floor