Welcome to the fresh-faced, smooth inaugural Photo Round Up of your photographic work! Every other week the archives of our Flickr Group will be plundered, and a selected few images of budding shutterbugs will be displayed on these very pages. As started by our very own Danny Wadeson, the photos so far have been an eclectic bunch just the way we hoped - you plucky folk never let us down. The photography submitted provided a scope so broad you’d need separated eyes akin to an iguana to take it all in; certainly not just about live music photography. Here are the picks that have caught our collective all-encompassing giant 405 eye so far… Field Of Corn One of a surprising amount of photos taken on a film camera, Field of Corn by stavesnow utilised a Canon 300v, and the best of the film bunch. Also developed using Diafine, for any hard-core film geeks out there. Obviously a much photographed theme, the rich tone’s here and depth adds something new to the field (pun intended) The amazing Adam Duritz A large number of gig photography was posted - all of very high quality - but this shot of Counting Crows by gtvone expertly captures a tender moment on stage coupled with perfect lighting. In fact, any aspiring music photographers should check out his photo stream. Or any aspiring photographer for that matter. Mr Cosmic This is a portrait of Mr Cosmic by Randomhero1066. Nope, no idea who it is either. Or indeed what is it. Possibly some kind of electro God, or future Mighty Boosh character. But the surrealistic, and slightly unnerving nature of the faceless neon Mr. Cosmic we find intriguing. So, that concludes the first ever round-up. Start posting your images to the group now for the chance to be featured here next time! Diversity appreciated, the rules are still there are no rules. Well, for now, for we will introduce ‘Themed Weeks’ soon… Get involved!