Welcome to our first episode of The 405 Gadget Review Show.

The inaugural show features an array of wild and innovative gadgets such as the MaKey Makey that we used to play a video game using an actual banana, tomato and guitar, the Sega Homestar Planetarium for some star gazing chill-times and the OP-1 - an all-in-one portable synthesizer that's ridiculously in-depth and equally as fun.

You can see what we made of the six items of technology in our video below, or via our TV Section. It's also available via our Youtube page (please watch in HD when possible).

Product Information:

  • - The Everyday Special by Mr Jones Watches [Buy/Info]
  • - The Classic Home Planetarium by Sega Toys [Buy/Info]
  • - MaKey MaKey by Makey Makey [Buy/Info]
  • - Zip™ by fitbit [Buy/Info]
  • - Big Jambox by Jawbone [Buy/Info]
  • - OP-1 by Teenage Engineering [Buy/Info]


As mentioned in the video, we're giving away a Classic Home Planetarium by Sega Toys. To enter, tell us what album you'd listen to first whilst staring at the stars. Send your answers to comps@thefourohfive.com.

Video Information:

Created by Stephen Bevan & Tim Boddy

Presented by Nic Cosenza with Austen Jux-Chandler - in association with Dean Street Studios and Guilt Free (Music & Sound for Film & TV)