Music is one of our biggest passions – it's why we're here, scribbling until our fingers are mere nubbins into the wee hours. Heck, it's probably why you're here as well. Music's not the only thing that gets us out of bed in the morning though; we're pretty partial to all of life's finer things.

Yes, we're consistently besotted by anyone that makes phenomenal noise, but we also salivate over sleek graphic design. Our eyes get those little cartoon hearts when we soak in auteur cinemagic; art gets us hot under the collar, fashionistas with flair give us palpitations. Handy with a synthesizer? Great. Got golden photo-hands? Phwoar.

This Gifted series is us bowing down to icons, up-and-comers, bright sparks, upstarts, game-changers and creative deities. Expect nothing but tip-top talent on this page.