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Frankie Rose – Green Door Store // 27th July 2012

Since graduating from the Brooklyn based lo-fi pop scene, Frankie Rose's recent solo material has redirected her sound to produce densely reverbed, eighties inspired jams that are still underpinned by the same garage rock attitude. Frankie's February released ‘Interstellar' album was amazing and we've high hopes that Friday's gig at the Green Door Store will be too.

Click here for more info/tickets, and head here for more info on Frankie Rose.

Gigs chosen by Ed Blow

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Young Kato – Thekla // 27th July 2012

With We Are Scientists cancelling their Thekla gig this week, there was a last minute opening to sit pretty on top of the pile this week. With relatively slim pickings elsewhere, we stay on the Thekla for Young Kato. Their main claim to fame so far is that they supported Olly Murs outside a shopping centre before Christmas.

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Gigs chosen by Jack McKenna

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Parakeet/Novella – Madame JoJo's // 24th July 2012

Parakeet and Novella in the same venue, at the same time? Drop everything. This is going to be beautiful.

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Gigs chosen by Oliver Primus

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King Tut's Summer Nights feat. The Unwinding Hours/Olympic Swimmers/Dead Electric – King Tut's // 23rd July 2012

King Tut's Summer Nights draws to a close this week. It's still summer though, just. Why not head down to see ex-Aerogramme folk The Unwinding Hours on Monday night. It has to be the best way to beat those Monday back-to-work/kids-are-still-off-school blues.

Click here for more info/tickets, and head here for more info on The Unwinding Hours.

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  • Gigs chosen by Toni Spencer

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    Haiku Salut – The Red House // 27th July 2012

    Well it’' a slow, slow week as venues deal with the Tramlines hangover and audiences have had their fill of live music, but be sure to catch the interesting proposition of 3 mute girls playing lushly layered loop-tastic folktronica at The Red House.

    Click for more info/tickets, and head to here for more info on Haiku Salut.

    Gigs chosen by Kyle Rice

    Frankie Rose // 24th July 2012

    Brooklyn noise-girl legend Frankie Rose may be better known as the drummer from The Dum Dum Girls and Vivian Girls but ever since the release of her debut solo album Frankie Rose and The Outs in 2010, Miss Rose has been showing us exactly what she is capable of as a vocalist. Expect the beautifully grunged up space-pop of latest album Instellar to ring with 60s garage sound just as well live as it does recorded.

    Click here for more info/tickets, and head here for more info on Frankie Rose.

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    • 29/07/12: Paper Tiger – HiFi Club //[Tickets/Info]
    • 29/07/12: The Turnarounds – The Hop//[Tickets/Info]

    Gigs chosen by Charlotte Stones