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Grimes + Eugene McGuinness - Madame JoJos // 7th February 2012

By the time this goes up, tickets will be sold out. In fact, as I type this they're probably sold out. We don't condone buying tickets from ticket touts, but this is a rare opportunity to see Grimes in a tiny venue. We suggest you head to the venue early and try your luck.

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Aerials Up – King Tut’s // 11th February 2012

Once Again, Glasgow is a bit of a mixed bag this week. The not-to-be-missed gig this time around is none other than Aerials Up - who, as it happens, I have missed every single time. Ironic, no? Click here to buy tickets

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run, WALK - The Riverside Cafe // 6th February 2012

run, WALK make an incredibly dynamic racket for a 2-piece. Expect them to get all up in your grill in the unfeasibly small upstairs room of The Riverside, heading up a bill that also features everything from the noisy hardcore of No Coast, to afro-punks Blood Sport, to the synth-driven math pop of Beware Wolf.

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The Black Keys– O2 Apollo // 6th and 7th February 2012

It would be rude not to pick The Black Keys as the main gig this week. The retro-tinged indie favourites are already sold out for the majority of this tour, these Manchester dates included, but that should only make you want to go more! With Band of Skulls as a support, you should be green with envy. Expect annoying friends to regal you with “I was there!” stories...

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