Every week we put up a guest playlist from someone we like but as you can probably tell from the title, we've changed the format from 'playlist' to 'mix'. We've not ditched Spotify entirely as we'll still be doing our weekly Spotify Playlist on Sundays, but we thought we'd give our friends from across the pond something to listen to (they don't have Spotify yet). So no that we're all up to speed, here is the first 'Guest Mix'. Artists that have helped make my life awesome This is a playlist that is compiled of artists that have influenced not only me, but a lot of my friends and even my family. They are taken from my teenage years and even the last year. Essentailly they are the ones that have given me some of my best memories. Sometimes I don't really think there needs to be an explanation as to why you like someone, but really just to listen to a song and to take it all in.
A lot of these tracks have been either recommended to me by the people closest to me or I have put on mixtapes or shared with those close to me. They have gone on to influence my musical tastes quite considerably and Glasgow Podcart would not exist or my passion for music if it were not for most, if not all of these people. Halina Rifai (http://www.glasgowpodcart.com/)