Recently we had this to say about Sorrow:

Sorrow is a spanking new artist who makes that sort of Dubstep/Grime/Funky melange-genre of music that is best performed in an abandoned railway tunnel, dripping with damp and watermarked with aged graffiti tags. It's headphone music, the ultimate metropolitan city soundtrack.

With that said, we got him (Joe) to create a guest mix for us. Enjoy!

1) Ralph Vaughan Williams - The Lark Ascending

Now this is my favourite piece of music, I remember growing up as a child, my mother would play this music. Then as a teenager, as I got more and more into music, I rediscovered this absolute gem. This sparked a real interest in classical music in me, and I began to listen to more and more classical, discovering an array of composers along the way, but by far RVW is still to this day my favourite composer. The Lark Ascending, amongst many pieces by RVW are just incredible, my other favourites being 'Fantasia on a Theme', and 'Five Variants of Dives & Lazarus'. Again, I think his music gives a very nostalgic atmosphere, which for me is one of the appealing factors of his compositions.

2) Burial - Ghost Hardware

Oh, well here we are. Probably my biggest influence, I don't really have much to say about this guy, because Burial is just Burial. When I first found Burial was in '08, it was a completely new direction of music for me, I had never heard anything like this before, so dark, so incredibly detailed. That's all I have to say really, all his success is well deserved, even though he is extremely humble in his manner.

3) Rooflight - Unbreakable

Now this artist is a particular favourite of mine. I came across Rooflight when I first started getting into production, around 8 months ago, his music was very deep, emotional, and at the time I was still learning about music, and when he uploaded his 'Unbreakable' track, I was speechless. The amount of emotion captured by this piece of music is just immense. I love all of his wide array of musical skill, he spans an extreme amount of genres, his versatility is just incredible, and also his workrate seems almost inhuman! I always enjoy chatting to RL, he's a real nice guy, check out his tunes!

4) Jefferson Airplane - Embryonic Journey

I can't even explain what I felt when I first heard this. It was just incredible, I've always been a fan of anything from the 60's, especially the music, Jefferson Airplane being one of my favourite bands from the era. I've always been very nostalgic about the past, that's why I love delving into the past and getting a feel of what it was like back then, and I think this piece of music captures that 'Yearning for the past' feeling, just sublime.

5) Dubwoofa - Kingdom Come

Ah, now this one I think I've played 100's of times. This was a brilliant find for me, because at the time I couldn't find much of the ambient dubstep vibes, so when I stumbled across I was thrilled. The whole song is just one lush soundscape journey, and when those ghost flutes come in, jesus, it's a near religious experience.

6) Blue Daisy ft. Anneka - Blood Petal Rose

And now we get into the ambient stuff, I've always enjoyed listening to Anneka, she has such an emotional voice, and I think this track just sums up beauty in it's entirety.

7) Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth

A wonderful Hip Hip legend, GangStarr was so inspirational, and his lyrics on this particular track were very deep, just an all round astonishing track, and I'm sure alot of Hip Hop fans will agree with me on this one. RIP Guru.

8) Self Scientific - The Covenant

Self Scientific, they were very underground at the time I came across them, I was especially influenced by Khalil's use of samples in his beats, and Chace was a beast on the mic. There was a track by SS called 'Live N Breathe' - I think I've been searching for the sample that was used in that for about 6 years, I actually heard it on a old film from the 70's, but it wasn't listed on the soundtrack, I was gutted!

9) Kid D - Glide Away

This was an artist that I found back in the days when I was very much into the grime scene, Kid D was pushing very melodic lush sounds, which to my knowledge no-one was really doing with grime. I'd say he influenced me quite a bit, I think it still reflects in my music today, those flutes he used, I always loved them!

10) Akala - Roll Wid Us

This one I actually found through the remix that Dexplicit did, that everyone seemed to be rinsing on their phones around '05, I always loved that beat, I spent ages searching for the sample that was used in the instrumental, but I could never find it!