After last week's 'Guest Mix' mayhem from Junk Culture, we wondered who could possibly top a mix which featured 'Lovely Lady Lynn' by Velvet Davenport melting into 'Lights' by Max Tundra'. Against all odds, we feel this week's guest mix maker has managed to pull it off. It's with great pleasure we present you with a 'Guest Mix' from the brilliant Tao Lin.
"Catchy, Calmly Emotional, Sometimes Electronic" Mixtape This mixtape contains songs I've recently enjoyed listening to while "completely sober" in my room with a neutral-to-depressed facial expression between 2:00AM & 6:00AM and 11:00AM & 3:00PM while looking at emails, staring at my Twitter feed, drinking smoothies, "vaguely exercising," seemingly "not doing anything," [other activities of similar nature]. I've also begun to enjoy listening to this mixtape in other scenarios including "working on things in the library," "walking to and from the library," "walking to and from the L train." Tao Lin //