Last week we had the amazing Tao Lin put together a 'Guest Mix' so strong The Undertaker decided to give up wrestling. How could anyone possibly top that? Well The Last Dinosaur gave it a shot, and guess what? They've gone and done it. The 405 Guest Mix - The Last Dinosaur This is a mix compiled by various members of The Last Dinosaur which consists solely of songs by criminally unknown artists that we have been lucky enough to come across/play with/know personally over the past 6 years. If we lived in parallel universe where the charts were based on quality rather than inanity then every track here would be a hit single.

Lovesick Empire – 'Indian Kids' // Luke - One of the most incredible voices I have on my iPod comes from Alicia Amir, lead singer in the band Lovesick Empire. They are an awesome three piece from Seattle. I came across Alicia back in 2007 when I was at a summer camp in Pennsylvania. I was lucky enough to experience Alicia performing a solo gig at the local bar near camp. Probably the coolest girl I know. Kidsaredead - 'Chez Gépy à Rombas' // Luke - Think of some of the great bands from the 70’s. Bands like Supertramp, Todd Rundgren, ELO & Yes. Now put them all together and times their greatness by 1000 and you get a French guy called Vincent Mougel who records under the name Kidsaredead. When I heard Kidsaredead for the first time in 2005 I could not believe what I was hearing. It was like nothing I have ever heard before. Recorded DIY in his parents basement and playing all the instruments himself the songs are filled with a fusion of synth, brass, amazing samba style piano, incredible bass lines, percussion and all topped off with his distinctive voice. This guy is truly amazing. Halla Norðfjörð - 'Jump (Demo)' // Jamie - Halla Norðfjörð's voice has more soul than Marvin Gaye's shoes. The way her voice moves sounds absolutely effortless. Upon hearing this song I could cry tears of pure joy if I was anything other than essentially dead inside. Atronauti - 'Zon Sun' Jamie - I stumbled upon this song through a Myspace trawl back when Myspace was anything more than a digital graveyard filled with ghostly reminders of what once was. I loved it then as I love it now. Atronauti are simply a couple of American teenagers recording heartbreaking songs on the monotony of life and the fleeting distraction that is love. The internet has since denied all existence of such a band. But I like to imagine that they're still out there, sat on a front porch somewhere in Orange County, singing about the sun. Jess Bryant - 'Josephine' // Jamie - We first heard Jess Bryant when playing a Carefully Planned night in Manchester where she blew us away. Jess's voice is almost Sandy Denny-esque except deeper and surrounded by music that is dark and swirling. This is the sound of walking through the thick of the woods in complete darkness. RightClickSaveAs - 'Pretty' // Jamie - Ben Mercer is RightClickSaveAs. He's so talented it makes me angry inside. I'm going to describe his music as a cross between by Thom Yorke, the beats from Lycanthropy by Patrick Wolf and a Japanese pop star robot send back from the future to party. If that doesn't make you want to listen to him then I don't wanna be friends no more. Bright Spark Destroyer - 'They Already Know' // Ben - These guys are awesome at both music and being friendly. They're currently taking time out of gigging to focus on both of these qualities whilst kindly writing more amazing music. This track comes from their debut EP Holy Yell. It's better than good by a bunch. Jenny Hall - 'The Shell' // Jamie - Jenny Hall is a very good friend of ours. When she holds a guitar the strings crack and fizz in excitement. The hairs on my arms slowly stand to attention and they don't lay back down until the music stops.