Todays 'Guest Mix' comes from one of Bella Unions latest signings, Thousands. They released their wonderful debut album The Sounds Of Everything this week (review) and we suggest you go out and buy it.
We wanted to use this opportunity to showcase the tremendous wealth of great music coming out of Washington State. All of the artists featured on this list are people who we know or have known in the past, most of whom are unknown in the wider world. Some of these tracks have never been released formally at all. Others are on well-known Washington labels like Sub Pop and K. We went for a somber mood on this particular mix, but don't get the impression that Washingtonians are only cranking out mournful dirges, there's really all sorts of stuff coming out of here. This is sort of a quiet listening, night-time mix or something. Enjoy! I should also mention that Highway 405 runs right through Washington state, and it's known as "The 405"