Here is our super excellent summer playlist for you all to wrap your ears around, especially for the 405. Co-written and co-produced by all three of us Fever Fevers; sensitive pussies should not listen to this awesome set of ditties. Sorry, no space for Sean Paul feat. Blu Cantrell...


Click here to listen to the playlist

  • Nirvana – 'Tourette's' (Live Version - Reading, England)
  • Batwings Catwings – 'Endless Summer'
  • Be Your Own Pet – 'Adventure'
  • Divorce – 'Amuse Bouche'
  • The Mars Volta – 'Ouroborous'
  • Bronto Skylift – 'Wolf'
  • Micachu & The Shapes and the London Sinfonietta – 'Low Dogg'
  • Austra – 'Beat And The Pulse'
  • Cults – 'Abducted'
  • Sea Of Bees – 'The Gold'

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