Jimmy Watkins is the new guitarist and fourth member of Cardiff-based alternative rock band Future of the Left. He joined the band a few months back and has been touring with them as part of their new line up, announced on Myspace not long back. He lives in Cardiff and is also in a band called Strange News From Another Star. He kindly agreed to make a Spotify playlist and talk us through his choices for us folk at The 405. Find it below.

1) Richard III -€“ Supergrass.

I bought this album (In It For The Money) in Tesco in 1997. I hadn’t heard anything by Supergrass. I just saw the record and really liked the cover. I took it home, listened to it and went mental. I haven’t calmed down since.

2) Beetlebum -€“ Blur

I remember seeing the video for this song before school one day. I got asked to leave the class during IT because I kept singing the guitar part from the verse. Who the hell sings a guitar part in school, and gets thrown out for doing it? The outro guitar bit was also the first guitar part I ever worked out from listening to a CD. 


3) Glasgow Mega-Snake -€“ Mogwai.

I used to be terrified of flying until I listened to this song on repeat in 2006 during the flight to Moscow for the World Indoor Athletics Championships. In a way I kinda wanted the plane to go into a vertical dive so I could stand on my seat and scream my head off. I still think of this song when I get on a plane.

4) The World Loves Us and Is Our Bitch - Mclusky.

I don'€™t want to gush too much about this song; basically, I made a point that it was the first song I had on in my car when I passed my driving test. Enough said. Also, I crashed the car a few months later.

5) Animal Machine -€“ The Vines.

I used to really like the Vines, but can admit now that they are a shit band. This song however, used to help me loads when I was an athlete. It was my pre-race and pre-training song, and helped me run kinda fast. I will therefore always like this song.

6) Blue Orchid -€“ The White Stripes

I saw the White Stripes in 2001 during my Gap Year in Sydney. It's still one of the best gigs I’ve seen. This song is my favourite. It'€™s like a mad gothic version of Robert Johnson has returned from hell to suck off a horse.

7) Moonage Daydream -€“ David Bowie.

A song with the opening line: "€œI'€™m an alligator"€ and a guitar solo from another galaxy. This is real rock and roll!!!

8) Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier -€“ Manic Street Preachers.

Everything Must Go was the first record I bought. I'€™d borrowed my dad's lawnmower and cut all the front lawns in my street for £2 each. I then caught a train to Pontypridd and bought this record in Woolworths. I was obsessed with this album, and began every day with this song for at least a year.

9) Down In a Rabbit Hole -€“ Bright Eyes.

A couple of years ago I had to drive quite far in the night, on my own. This song came on the radio and it scared the shit out of me. Something strange happens to me whenever I hear it.

10) Who The Fuck? - Graham Coxon.

My guitar hero, swearing a lot. Brilliant.

11) Plague of Onces -€“ Future of The Left

Listening to this song convinced me to quit athletics and start a band. Funny eh!!

12) The Teachers Are Afraid of The Pupils -€“ Morrissey

The first gig I saw was David Bowie supported by Morrissey in the CIA. When I arrived with my dad (I was 12 years old), Morrissey was playing this song. I think it was the first time I'd experienced something sexy and sinister at the same time. I'€™ve been a horny bastard ever since.

13) Gramme Friday - The Fall

Up until a few months ago, my favourite Fall album was 'The Best of The Fall'.€™ Louise from The Victorian English Gentlemens Club told me to get a life and buy this album. This is my favourite Fall song€™s - a shame it's not on their best of!!

14) Life Stinks -€“ Pere Ubu

When I started Strange News From Another Star, I really wanted it to be like Pere Ubu. This song is brilliant. I love the blatantly daft chorus: "€œLife stinks - life stinks."€ Loads of people try and sing that, but don'€™t always have the guts...

15) Waltz # 2 (xo) – Elliott Smith

A love song for grown-ups.

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You can find out more about Jimmy'€™s band Strange News From Another Star from their MySpace page (www.myspace.com/strangenewsfromanotherstar) or buy their debut EP (which is pretty darn good, if a little scary) from their bandcamp (http://strangenewsfromanotherstar.bandcamp.com). They also play tonnes of gigs, mostly around Cardiff, and put on a great live show so check them out if you can. Jimmy and Future of the Left play Oxford Truck Festival (on the Barn Stage) on 25th July, and a new album is expected in the next few months. Keep your eyes peeled.