To celebrate the release of their latest album Endless Summer, which is out now via Play it Again Sam Records [PIAS], we caught up with The Jezabels to find out what tracks get the most plays in their tour van. We also put it into a playlist for you to hear.

The band are also set to play London’s Heaven on November 29th, so go see them play their own songs. You'll enjoy it.

You can listen to the playlist by clicking here.


A Sorta Fairytale - Tori Amos

The slow swinging tempo makes this song feel appropriate to me for a driving song. It just cruises along. It actually makes me feel like I am driving when I listen to it.

Betty Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes

The synth sound in this is great. It just cruises along....

Teardrop - Massive Attack

I feel like this is a really obvious driving song, although I can't really put my finger on why that is. It makes you feel as though you are in a dream land, and floating just above the earth.....and being in a car driving fast makes it feel slightly more real??

All Neon Like - Bjork

There is an amazing electronic sound in this song that is soft and round and continuously repeated. It has such a nice soft slow rhythm that feels like its happening inside your stomach. When you look outside the windows of the car when you are driving, this song seems to taint every image you see and change it in some way.


Fake Empire - The National

The constant build in this song, of both excitement and a feeling of disillusionment, to me, kind of sums up what it's like to be driving in a tour van; that constant feeling that you're going somewhere new, somewhere better, but the melancholy of leaving something behind, maybe a little innocence. I'm not sure. It's just a feeling.

I love you but I've chosen darkness 'According to plan'

I remember being in the tour van in a hail storm and the sky was green and magnificent. And I thought, perhaps a little lamely, "this kind of a metaphor for being in a band. The thin sheets of metal and glass of the tour van are all that separate our cosy little world from being devastated by a storm. I chose this song for it's epic sense of uncertainty. You can never really hear what the lyrics are saying. My interpretation is borderline nonsensical, something like "In a perfect world, when a perfect place is with you". I like how this makes me feel, even if it's not right. It's something quite sublime, forever unfulfilled.

I Drove All Night' - Cyndi Lauper

This is one of those really desperate love songs, in which the persona asks her lover if he/she minds that she has driven all night to come and wake him/her and make love with him/her much like asking someone to marry you in public; they sort of have to say yes. It's kinda awkward and great. Cyndi gets a dramatic quality to her voice, which is pretty exciting to drive to.

Zombie - The Cranberries

This is one of the few songs that everyone in our band actually likes, so it works for our tour van. And it is also just fucking awesome.


In The New Year - The Walkmen

It's hard to figure out why this song would be good for driving specifically. I don't think it would be back, but frankly, I'd choose it just because it's an amazing song. I love how you don't have to have pristine production to make a song stand out, sometimes they're great no matter what.

From The Hips - Cursive

If you need to wake up a little bit this is the song to do it. By the end, the brass section is blaring an anthemic melody and Tim Kasher is wailing, as he always does.

Ocean Breathes Salty - Modest Mouse

The joyous mood of this song can turn any long drive into something tolerable. Especially if it's a maritime drive. This is a band I've liked for quite some time, and frankly, any of their songs on a road trip seem to do the trick

Bloodbuzz Ohio - The National

I reckon this is the perfect song to start any long drive with. It just fits, I really can't explain it.


Spiders - Wilco

This one is a perfect driving song because of it's Krautrock nature. It just rolls along and along. For an awesome eleven minutes.

Broken Social Scene - 7/4 (Shoreline)

I guess the repeating theme for good driving songs is a nice back beat - and this one has a great one. It includes the lyric 'high speed' which is also fitting.

Consolation Prizes - Phoenix

I once went out for a night on the town, and we went for a drive to get to the place we were going to. We drove through the city with this song really loud and it was revealed just how awesome a song this really is. I think if a song sounds great when driving, then it's a song for the ages.

Bulls on Parade - Rage Against The Machine

This is my road rage song. When I'm getting annoyed with someone else on the road I put this on and then scream really really loud. It diffuses the anger.