For this playlist, we decided to pick some of our favourite songs from UK artists. It's hardly a definitive list and it's not ranked - we just kinda picked things that stuck out in our minds at the present moment. That tends to be more fun than trying to make a historical, contextual, "authoritative" type of list. In any case, spoiler alert: it's not just both sides of the C86 tape! Peggy and Alex Tracklisting You can listen to the playlist by clicking here! Alex: 1. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 'Catch You' 2. Elctrelane - 'To the east' 3. Girl Unit - 'Wut' 4. Dizzee Rascal - 'I luv u' 5. Comet Gain - Kids at the club' 6. The Kinks - 'Waterloo sunset' 7. The Buff Medways - Troubled mind' 8. chris & cosey - 'October love song' 9. A.R. Kane 'A love from outer space' 10. The Fall - totally wired' Peggy: 11. Chemical Brothers - 'Dream on' 12. Ned's Atomic Dustbin - 'Happy' 13. Television Personalities - This time there's no happy ending' 14. Malcolm Mclaren - 'Madame butterfly' 15. Teenage Fanclub - 'Critical mass' 16. Altered Images - 'Love to stay' 17. Dislocation Dance - 'We can work it out' 18. Gold Panda - 'You' You can visit the band by heading to