It's fair to say that Haiti born and Montreal-based Kaytranada has had an amazing 2013.

While Kay has been DJing and producing since the age of fourteen, it's only in the last couple of years that the producer has gained some sort of worldwide recognition for his mixture of R&B, hip-hop and house music.

Just as The 405 writes this, Kaytranada has been confirmed as one of the artists featured on the remix of album of Disclosure's Settle and he will hit London on February 7 2014 for a set at XOYO as part of the highly regarded Deviation night run by BBC Radio 1's Benji B...

Hello Kaytranada! How are you, sir?

Aighttt in this Brooklyn hotel.

You're relatively new on the electronic music scene, where have you sprung up from? Also, to someone who has never heard your music before how would you describe it?

I come from Montreal, my roots are originally in hip-hop, but I also make up-tempo R&B/house.

Your music has been really picked up upon by the YouTube channels like Majestic Casual, Eton Messy and Fhinq. Were you even aware of outlets like this and the power they had when you were making your music?

Nah. They sort of just posted my music, but shouts out to them; they supported me and made me in a big way.

What do you have planned in terms of releases? Any EPs/albums in the pipeline?

Right now I'm collaborating with people like rappers and singers, y'all will have to wait and see what comes from that.

Who were you originally influenced by to make music, and who is influencing your musical output at this point in time?

Madlib, Dilla back then, and right now it's the same. I'm always listening to classics.

You're pretty damn young to say how prolific you've been in terms of remixes, where do you see yourself in five year's time?

Becoming more of a producer than just a DJ. You'll see me still hungry, even though my career will be bigger but I'll still be looking for more things to happen.

You've said in the past that you prefer bars to clubs, is that still the case? Surely you get booked to play in clubs all the time...

No, I haven't played in clubs in a while. Just San Francisco. I like music venues and bars way more.

Speaking of which, when can we see you in the UK next? At a club, or a bar. Or anywhere.

You'll see me at XOYO in February 2014, I'll be back.

Sweet! Any final words before we say goodbye?

A haaaaaaaaaaa let's get it.