Every so often a company will come along and create an advert so fun, original and joyous that it makes me happy to be a part of the advertising machine because god damnit, they got it right.  My personal favourite of 2008 was the fantastic Budweiser band that played with the spirit of the drink they were advertising . I can't quite figure out if the advert was aired in America or not, so I apologise to our American friends if thats the case, but for us Brits we were treated to some great adverts. Trying to find out info about the members of the band, apart from bandleader and all around legend Dave Cloud of course, was difficult to say the least. This led me to a new idea, well an old idea really but everyone steals ideas from each other these days so I'm sure it's ok. I thought it would be cool to try and track down the members of the band and interview them about the experience; I like to call it The 405 Investigates. So, did I manage to find any of the guys? Hell yes! As this is an on-going investigation I've decided to print the interviews as they come in. First up is keyboard extraordinaire, Lucas Leigh. He's from Nashville and he's a damn nice guy! >Firstly, can you tell us a bit about yourself? I grew up in Hernando, Mississippi, just a few minutes south of Memphis, Tennessee, which is know for Blues and Rock n' Roll. My hometown was just a few minutes from Jerry Lee Lewis' Ranch in Nesbit, Mississippi. I grew up surrounded by musicians and music, including my big sister's boyfriends, who were all musicians, so I always had a good teacher or jam buddy nearby. Throughout highschool and college I played with several bands, including Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, just to name a few of my 'piano icons' I looked up to and respected. Getting to play live in concert with those guys was an incredible gift from God, like the blessing of music. That brought me to Nashville in 2007 where I wanted to pursue music as a permanent career. Working odd jobs and focusing on my career, Nashville has made it possible to take that dream to the next level. How did the Budweiser project come around for you? It was actually pretty funny how it worked out. I have a friend back in Mississippi that acts in independent films and theater and his agent was looking for some people to audition for a Budweiser commercial. He gave me a call and we arranged the audition. Unfortunately, it got moved to a date when I was going to be out of town, so I missed the audition. Well a couple of weeks went by and I figured I had flat missed out on it, so I went on like normal playing gigs and doing recording sessions. Suddenly I got a call from the agent and she said they didn't find the piano player they were looking for in the first audition and they were going to hold another. I signed up, went to the audition, which had a turnout of many piano players. My heart told me I had a shot, but seeing all the other musicians trying out for the part led me to believe I was doomed. I went in, did my best Ray Charles with a little Benny and the Jets for good measure, and hopefully smoked the competition. A few days later I got the call and the rest fell into play. Has it affected your life in anyway? It's changed several things: a) I can focus on music 100%   b) I have fans in other countries that know my face  c) More acting gigs have spawned from that and the phone's ringing constantly. Are there plans for more adverts in the future? I'm not sure what the plans are with Budweiser and their spectacular creative team at Fallon London, But I'm sure you haven't seen the last of us as their wheels are constantly turning. Did you get a lot of free beer when shooting the ad? Budweiser has treated us very well. I heard that the bud-band might be touring over here in the UK! Can you confirm this for us? I can't confirm anything on that, but their has been a lot of talk in the past weeks about a possible 2009 appearance(s) in the UK. What does the future hold for you? What does the future hold for any of us? It's hard to say. I know that I have wishes, dreams, and goals, and if everything goes according to my life's plan, I'll be able to retire before I'm too old to enjoy it.