Last year the magnificent Wolf Parade released the equally magnificent At Mount Zoomer and in my opinion it was the album of the year, which says a lot considering the amount of amazing albums that came out in 2008! Every aspect of the album was perfect, including the artwork which was the joint creation of Matt Moroz and Elizabeth Huey. They say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, or indeed an album, but in the case of At Mount Zoomer it was a fair indication of how incredible the album would turn out to be. I was lucky enough to send some questions to the creators of the artwork and this is what went down! Hello! How are you today? (Matt) Happy (Elizabeth) I'm a bit concerned about the effects of the global economic's a good time for hand holding. (M) My name is Matt. I quit my job as a professional gambler to become an artist. I live in Montreal, Canada. (E) I'm a painter based in Brooklyn.  I have a dappled dachshund named Casper. 3. How did the Wolf Parade project come along for you? (M) Like all collaborations with Wolf Parade. One day I went to get some coffee and ran into Hadji. Hadji said "Hey. How about you and Elizabeth draw a battle scene for our record cover where your characters are trying to kill each other?". I said "Sounds great." Then I went home and got nervous because Elizabeths great drawings were going to make mine look bad. Eventually I wrote Elizabeth and luckily she also thought it was a good idea. What was it like working with another artist? Have you been asked to do something like this before? (M) It was a great 2 weeks. On our breaks we ate cheese sticks at the nearby drive thru. We drew all day and all night. Ive collaborated many times but never ate so many cheese sticks. Elizabeth was amazing to work with. We didnt have to discuss anything, we both had the same vision for the artwork. (E) We spent sleepless nights scribbling and shared screens...drawing together between Budapest and New York. How do you feel about the outcome? (M) Good. We wanted people to react to it and either love it or hate it. It seems that worked. (E) Drawing for 23 hours straight and then goin' drive-thru white castle for a batch of mozzarella sticks with Matt pushed me to serious life inquiries... At Mount Zoomer is an exceptional album in my opinion. How do you feel about it? (M) The album is great. The band has a great chemistry. Its hard to tell how they make it work. There's no other bands out there like them. (E) We listened to this ablum lots while we were working on the art, there are a few songs i've listened to obsessively. The cover is definitely in my top 5 album covers of all time but if someone asked you for your favourite album cover, what would you pick? (M) Right now my favorite would be Eikichi Yazawa 'Gold Rush' Thanks to Matt and Elizabeth for answering the questions and creating such a wonderful piece of work! Links You can visit Matt Moroz at You can visit Elizabeth Huey at You can visit Wolf Parade at Try: MP3: Wolf Parade - California Dreamer