Today we are happy to unveil a prototype of 'The 405 Job Board'. Whilst it might seem relatively basic in terms of functionality (which it is), we feel the best way to approach this new venture is by testing the water.

We decided to launch the Job Board for a variety of reasons, but the most important one is that you asked for it. Ok, maybe not you specifically, but you know what we mean. With our little (big fat) black book of contacts, hopefully we'll be able to bring you some amazing opportunities.

If you work within Music/Film/Fashion/Art/Tech and you have a job you'd like to advertise on the site, then look no further!

Posting a job is free during this testing phase. And applying for a job will always be free and conducted through the company advertising the position.

If you have an opportunity that you think would be suitable for our Job Board then email us at In order to post your opportunity, we will need:

  • 1. A job description
  • 2. Instructions on how to apply for the role
  • 3. A URL for your company
  • 4. A contact email address
  • 5. A hi-quality company logo

For a list of current vacancies, head here.