The 405 are looking for people (or perhaps even a two-person video outfit) to join our film team, and to help out with filmed sessions that we record - and video interviews - where we feature our favourite musicians.

The skills required are for you to be able to direct, shoot and edit interviews into a sensible format for web (between 2-7 mins long generally). In terms of video interviewing, it'd also be helpful to have knowledge of the acts you are to interview, and be able to prep questions; however this not a necessity, as we could find someone to prepare and ask the questions on the day most of the time.

We require someone with their own film equipment (DSLR's more than acceptable), access to professional editing software such as Final Cut, and to also be proficient in said editing software. You will have the chance to stamp your creativity on the project, come up with ideas, and edit as you see fit. Utilise your imagination to run wild with a perfect set-up/idea/location! It's integral to our output that each video is executed to a high standard, and ideally should contain original ideas and concepts - both in terms of visuals and set-up.

Alternatively, if you are a skilled camera operator and not so proficient in terms of editing - we'd still like to hear from you.

Get in touch if you are interested, tell us about yourself/what you can offer/links to any work - and let us know if have any questions!

The role is currently not paid unfortunately, but could lead to more work and has acted as a great portfolio for our videographers who have worked on projects to date. If you are an individual, we will have camera operators on hand to assist/collaborate with the shoot assuming that you are London-based (as a two camera set-up is essential for most shoots).

Asgeir - 'Home'

Arlissa - Sticks and Stones'

Please email to apply.