The 405 are looking for someone (or a two-person video outfit) to join our film team and take care of all things video for our Tech department.

Recently we recorded a test pilot for our Gadget Review Show, and we aim to make it a monthly affair. You would take charge of this and be able to direct, shoot and edit the show into a sensible format for web.

We require someone with their own film equipment (DSLR's acceptable), access to professional editing software such as Final Cut, and also be proficient in said editing software. You will have the chance to stamp your creativity on the project, come up with ideas, and edit as you see fit.

The location is already sorted - a studio in Soho that is used for album recordings; so it's possible that the occasional band can get involved. Presenters are on hand too.

Get in touch if you are interested, tell us about yourself/what you can offer/links to any work - and let us know if have any questions!

The role is currently not paid unfortunately, but could lead to more work, and even session work in the future. If you are an individual, we have a camera operator on hand to assist with the shoot (as a two camera set-up is essential).

Please email if you're interested.