We're after a confident presenter with bag-fulls of personality to host a new show based around technology gadgets and music.

The show's format will be a monthly 3-7 minute entity to be broadcast online (via YouTube + the 405), where you (with the help of us) would review four interesting gadgets or so; some of them musical-related. We're looking to get guests each month from the music community, who will feature alongside you and help out reviewing certain gadgets. We will base the show in a studio in Central London.

How To Apply - please read carefully.

Send us a 30 second (minimum) clip of yourself talking about a gadget that you own. It can be anything. The quality of the video recording is NOT important - webcam, iPhone, it doesn't matter.

What does matter is that we get an idea of your presenting style and your personality. Feel free to inject the video with some kind of creativity - consider it an open brief. Play around with the 'presentation' if you'd like, have a bit of fun.

If you have showreels, feel free to send links to those too, or other previous work that you may have done.

This is a no paid position at the moment sadly, but could be a good opportunity to work with some good people (with contacts), meet some talented musicians and have a bit of fun (plus of course the old cliche of portfolio-building).

We filmed a quick pilot earlier this year - but chances are the format will be very different from this.

Please email your video, any links, with a few words about yourself to tim@thefourohfive.com