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Something Old // Faking The Books by Lali Puna

Back in 2004 when it was released, Faking the Books seemed like a dystopian vision, now it seems like the perfect pop album. The world has spun since seamlessly towards a default mode of paranoia and collective anxiety, technology we embraced readily to usher in a utopia is covertly used against us. So it’s fitting that we listen to this album again with fresh ears; now that the concepts it presents are closer to reality.

Lali Puna’s success, what makes this a great album, is the balance of opposing ideas. The juxtaposition of the emotionlessness of Valerie Trebeljar’s voice, as she seeds ideas of dread, with the warmth of their sound creates a kind of sugar coated horror. One that both comforts and appalls. Year’s later, as a go-to album; it’s become an old friend that with a hand on your shoulder gently whispers “your house is on fire”.

Lali Puna saw the future; not just for the world they speak of, but the sound they used to tell us. Maybe now the world has caught up we’ll be ready to listen.

FFO: The Notwist, sweet electro pop etc.

Something New // Longwave by Bonny Doon

Longwave is an album that does nothing, but it’s a really nice nothing. It’s a laid back nothing, an unobtrusive introspective nothing, a perfect background nothing. Nothing with a purpose - the purpose is being nothing. The kind of nothing that you can explore yourself with, nothing you can collapse out in the warm sun with, our kind of nothing. Ours.

It doesn’t do anything but find a home.

FFO: Kurt Vile, Ryley Walker, bro's gently strumming guitars whilst singing about themselves and being bro's

Your views // There's A Riot Going On by Yo La Tengo

"I love the new album, but I wouldn’t operate heavy machinery whilst listening to it" - @bashmore


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