808INK are an alternative hip-hop duo from South East London who are testing the boundaries of their genre. Consisting of producer 808 Charmer and rapper Mumblez Black Ink. Their music places importance on creativity and innovation.

Charmer's experimental, glitchy production combines disparate samples, live instruments, field recordings and warps them into darkly surreal soundscapes - while Mumblez's lyrical delivery sways majestically from melancholic apathy to a steady rhythmic South London flow, in constant vulnerability to Charmer's pitch-bending production.

Late last year they released an Artistic piece. a thematically rich and varied free six-track mixtape serving as an introduction to the duo's creative ethos (which you can download from their bandcamp page here). It's hard to pin down 808INK's sound, but that's the point, and you shouldn't try to contain it. The duo are going to take you wherever the hell they want and you should strap yourself in and feel blessed you're going along for the ride.

They've just released the visuals for 'Vacuum love (DREAM'SCAPE) (piece 06.)' - a hallucinatory crawl through creepy London streets, directed by frequent collaborator Pure Anubi$. We spoke to 808INK and Anubi$ about their music, their visuals, dreams and the importance of balance.

Can you give The 405 readers a background on who and what 808INK is?

Mumblez: A duo made up from myself Mumblez Black Ink. and 808Charmer. Charmer is the madman composer behind the instrumentals and I write the lyrics that you... try and sing along with.

Charmer: The group was formed after I spotted Mumblez freestyling on set at a video shoot for a song, which lead me to approach him officially. The rest was history.

808INK's music tends to chop and shift between genres and certain tracks can feel like snippets from three or four completely different songs. I suppose what I'm asking about is your influences, creative process and production techniques.

M: I'll leave that for Charmer to answer.

C: I'm influenced by many genres but always reign it home to what resonates with me, naturally that brings forth my sound. Creatively there is no guideline and with production I tend to break a lot of "rules".

Your first video for Full English carries the parenthesis '(piece 02.)' and the new video is '(piece 06.), referencing the track listing of the album. I've heard mention of a trilogy of videos, true?

C: True.

M: VERY TRU! It is the TROOT indeed. I gained the idea to add piece... instead of "official video" in order to keep with the theme of an Artistic piece. The album to me is like a photo album with different scraps, hence the sporadic changes. Each track we approached like something you could frame when planning the videos, this in turn would make the visuals more of an artistic piece as apposed to an official video. Hence the look and structure of 'Full English'.

As an act which seems to place as much significance on visuals as audio can we expect further video work from 808INK in the future? Any plans?

M: Well, we will have to see what the future holds. If there is music, it is very likely that a visual will follow. For us it's an exciting challenge to see what forms of visuals we can produce to complement the sound.

The album is called 'An Artistic Piece' right? Or is it 'Dreality'? I've seen it referred to as both. How did you decide upon a title and how do you think listeners will interpret an album title like this?

M: It's an Artistic piece. Dreality is a concept by Black.Anubi$ that we carried out into our visuals, when writing 'wet Canvas.' and 'Vaccum love' in particular, I used the idea of a dream reality to try and communicate the way I get through my day to day. Living in my mind to an extent! In order to handle the harshness of reality a bit better.

C: The title came quite naturally once everything was done.

Do you guys consider yourselves a band? A group? A collective? Is it important to differentiate?

M: 808INK is a duo, the rapper and a producer.

C: We are a duo but very much still individuals who do their own thing. I think it is important to differentiate so that people are aware of the individuality.

Taking on a Creative Director, in Pure Anubi$, may be seen as unconventional to some or contrarily forward thinking by others. Why did you decide to make Anubi$ part of the crew instead of a more conventional background figure/collaborator?

C: Anubi$ is separate from 808INK. 808INK is the music, Black Anubis aka Bk.A$ is the art which consists of Mumblez Black Ink. and Pure Anubi$.

Pure Anubi$: The collaboration with Anubi$ was purely because of the fact that Mumblez is also a part of 'Black.Anubi$' which is an art collective run by the two. Since 808INK carries the concepts of 'Dreality' for the album which was coined by Black.Anubi$, we thought to expand the horizons of Bk.A$ into the realm of video/cinematography, hence why Bk.A$ are the directors of the video trilogy for an Artistic Piece.

Balance is key, right?

$: Balance is key indeed. 50/50 isn't balance. What actually works is balance - so 60/40 and 70/30 etc. can be balance also. 'Good' isn't necessarily beneficial and 'Evil' isn't necessarily bad.

M: In regards to the concept of 'Dreality', I don't want people to live too much in one extreme. It helps me to try and materialise my thoughts and aspirations in order to live comfortably, but at the same time, I am in "REALITY" therefore have to conform to certain norms/rules. Balance is key b.

C: Balance is key.

The video for Vacuum love makes use of text 'A collage of thoughts' and the inverted 'A collapse of aspirations'. Can you talk a little about the aesthetics of this and perhaps the significance behind it?

M: A brief example would be 'the meadow' which represents my "Dream". It's a place where anything I do is allowed, is relevant and down to me, as any dream should be. Thoughts and aspirations are two big elements involved in dreams but tend to be represented in various forms. 'Vacuum love' showcases an insight to the fast pace, jumpy structure of my dreams and is a merging of both mine and Charmer's ambitions and darkness.

Are you placing subliminal messaging in the videos? Am I going to stab my housemate or become loyal to certain soft drink brands?

$: Yes we plan to enslave the world, destroy the norm and recreate it. 'The Virus Infects.'

C: lol

I noticed a list of 'Guest Directors' in the credits for the video, could you talk us through this dynamic?

$: We started expanding into the video realm two weeks before 'Full English' was shot and those guest directors are the people that helped us plan the video. Now for 'Vacuum Love' these guest directors were there simply for us to bounce ideas off of.

I wholeheartedly urge you to download or stream 808INK's 'an Artistic piece.'. You can follow the art of Blk.Anubi$ on tumblr and keep up with 808INK on their Facebook page. And I suggest you do, because whatever they do next, you'll want to hear it.