On the week of her twenty-first birthday, we caught up with the Spanish born Brooklyn residing Amanda Jasnowski to talk photography and how her peregrination's shaping what's sure to be a most fruitful career. For such a young photographer, Amanda's triumph is her aesthetic simplicity; it toys all too willingly with the most primeval sensibilities of its audience.

The maturation of her work is something that's as striking as it is impressive, drawing inspiration from geographical circumstance and evolving to create a sustained contemporary feel. With a ‪résumé‬ boasting Director of Photography for an Oreo ad campaign, guest editing for Saatchi Gallery Magazine and a feature in Photoboite's annual '30 under 30' women photographer list of 2013, Amanda's preliminary years in photography are nothing short of inspiring.

We speak in the midst of Amanda's month long trip in Europe with boyfriend and collaborator Jimmy Marble where they're shooting for Native shoes.

  • Earlier work pre NY move. Self Portrait, 2010

You've accomplished a lot for a 21-year-old, what was your introduction to photography like?

I was first introduced to photography around 14 or 15, it began as a way to have fun and pass the time living in a small, midwestern town. At that age it was an extreme outlet, I got a bit stir-crazy living in that town and photography became a great escape. At that point I was being inspired a lot by the beauty I saw surrounding me (photography also helped me see that in my small town) and through work that was being made by other people my age and shared via platforms like Flickr.

Moving to NYC seems to have been essential in the development of your photography, how has living in Brooklyn inspired or assisted your output?

Moving to NYC was definitely essential in helping turn photography into a full time job. Living in that city has inspired me to work hard, all the time. There's an unspoken pressure I feel to be working all the time, and to keep going forward and onward. There are so many talented individuals to be inspired by in New York, all working in different mediums and coming from different places. It's a really beautiful melting pot. It's also so much easier to meet possible clients in person and a real, physical chance to network.

  • December 2012

I understand you're in the midst of travelling around Europe shooting for Native shoes, how's that going?

It's going really well! It's hard for us to believe we are getting the opportunity to travel around Europe working on a photo campaign for Native shoes. The photos for the campaign are always fun to take, and I think the strangers watching us also enjoy. We've gotten the chance to see so much, nearly sensory overload. I feel pretty fortunate to live in a day and age where I can share visual tidbits of this trip via Instagram, kind of like carrying those followers in my pocket along for the trip.

How does collaborating with someone compare to going it alone?

As far as collaborating with someone on this project or doing it alone, I would really hate to do all this traveling alone! It'd be awfully lonely. Sharing all the beautiful moments and sights with someone else is half the joy. Making the images with someone else is also half the joy as well. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Native shoes, 2013

Europe is a beautiful continent, is your trip work, pleasure or both?

Thankfully it's a good balance of both! There are some parts that are a bit hectic and full of train rides and those days are exhausting but we made sure to make enough time in certain cities to enjoy them and spend time with friends and family. We knew if we tried to do too many cities it would turn into a stressful, work only trip.

How does the rest of Europe compare with the USA and New York in particular?

I don't feel incredibly fit to answer that question at this age but it's just a totally different world! They're on a totally different clock here in Europe. Especially when in some places things like siestas still exist, those people know what's good. Also just simply how they are more relaxed on certain laws, like drinking alcohol or smoking a joint in public is no biggie, compared to the consequences you can face in the states. It's still always a bit funny to be on public transport (particularly while we're here in Berlin) and see people enjoying a beer or whatnot.

It has been really heartbreaking to hear talented, creative friends in Spain talk about the financial crisis and hear the total lack of hope in their voice. Also to hear about how difficult it is (particularly in spain) to work as a freelancer.

It's hard to compare New York to anywhere else in the world but I'll just say in the end as far as my career is concerned I feel like this particular visit really put things into perspective for me and how lucky I am to be living in the states right now and to be able to work freelance.

  • November 2010, Ohio

What photographers are inspiring you at the moment?

The list is always expanding and evolving, but to name a few… Osma Harvilahti, Jennilee Marigomen, Katherine Squire, Mate Moro, Nico Krijno, Dominik Tarabanski, Arvida Bystrom, and JUCO photo. More and more I am being inspired by different mediums; just recently I was introduced to Czech (late 1960s) new wave/avant-garde cinema through the film Daisies and it amazed me that it had taken me so long to discover this kind of cinema.

And finally, what does the future hold for Amanda Jasnowski?

"Only time will tell" is a fun thing to think about, things can change so rapidly. I hope to delve more into fashion photography, short videos, maybe even make a book. I hope to continue collaborating with friends and clients. I want to toy with other mediums; floral arrangement, set design, drawing/painting, embroidery, making music with my sister and being a part of her fun installations. I would love to collaborate on a fashion line someday with a designer. It's an endless list.

To peep more of Amanda's work and keep tabs on her trip, visit her website amandajas.com or Native shoes' Instagram, which she and Jimmy are running over the course of their trip.