Welcome to the post Drake, Weeknd world of Canada because that's exactly what Anders represents. Born in Mississauga, Ontario, Anders is an up-and-coming artist making massive waves. Starting his career only a year-and-a-half ago, he has racked up giant plays on SoundCloud blending rap and melodic singing to perfection. The only way to really describe his music is, it's that Toronto sound. And after releasing singles, Anders released his first official tape, 669 to acclaim.

Now on March 5, Anders held a listening party for his new project, Twos in Toronto and I got to interview him about the new project, his career and most importantly, what's next.

You started your music career with the single, 'Choosy' on Soundcloud in late 2016, can you tell me about the process behind that being the introduction to your career? And what you made you pursue music in the first place? Tell me about growing up in Mississauga?

'Choosy' was me learning how to song write and figuring out the process of creating music. I always knew music to me, was more than just finding beats and writing on them. I wanted to create music from start to finish. Every aspect of it. Music was my outlet to get away from things in my life that were putting me in bad situations. Mississauga is a suburb of Toronto. Some people call it the 'bedroom city' because it's all just houses everywhere. It's a relatively quiet place, but it played a huge part of who I am. Don't sleep on that city.

And when it comes to your music, who were the artists growing up that you listened to that have had a big influence on you?

Lil Wayne, Linkin Park, Biggie, Usher. There's too many to name. I listened to all sorts of music ranging from rock to rap to R&B.

Now because you released music on Soundcloud and never showed your face on any artwork, people really liked your music but didn't know what you looked like, was that all planned? And now that people know what you look like, has that changed anything for you? Does your background at all tie into the music you make?

I just wanted the music to speak for itself. I wanted people to fall in love with the music for what it was and not for who I was. It's definitely different now. People always try to talk about the Asian thing and make a deal out of it. I love my background and my heritage but it's like, every other article is talking about Asian Toronto artist or Asian singer. When they have a white or black artist they don't say black rapper so and so or white singer so and so. So why do they do it for Asians? Beats me.

Now after releasing singles, to amazing success, you dropped your first official body of work, 669. What was the process behind making the project? What did you want to get across on it? As well, your career is only a year old so far, but you've managed to do really well early on, how has it all been feeling?

669 was me fully committing myself and my energy to produce a body of work. Up until that point, I was only focused on making one song at a time. I just wanted to shed light on my story. Who I am. I wanted to prove that I can compete with all these other artists. It feels good, but I'm not very easily satisfied. To me, it's just another piece of my journey. There's a long way to go. I'm only scratching the surface. I only started making music a year and a half ago. I'm still getting better.

Now going back to people not knowing what you looked like, one of your records on your first project, "Diamonds" that just hit one million views on Spotify, congratulations on that, is your first ever video and It's really where people saw what you looked like, how did that feel releasing that? How was letting go of the mystery?

I was eager to show my face and reveal my identity. I feel like not having a face to the music really inhibited my ability to do a lot of things, but it was for the greater good. Releasing it was sort of relieving.

Now with all the success of "669" you've very recently followed that up with "Twos" your second official project, tell me the process behind this project? And tell me about the production team behind this tape because it seems like you stay very close in-house?

I keep my circle very close-knit and I like to keep everything in-house. I only work with people I genuinely get along with and are friends with. The process was similar to that of 669, with a more refined and mature approach to everything.

Finally, with the new project out into the world, when can fans expect you to put on some shows? And will there be another EP or is your next project going to be your debut album?

Sooner than later. I've never been on a stage before so I can't wait to perform. Expect more music. Expect me to keep dropping music relentlessly.