Be Forest released their debut album Cold in 2011. Released via We Were Never Boring, a collective of exciting bands that include Love the Unicorn, Weird Black and Brothers in Law (Nicola's other band).

The following year they uploaded a cover of 'I Quit Girls' to YouTube, which resulted in them being invited to open for Japandroids on their European tour.

Returning in 2014 they released their sophomore LP Earthbeat. An album that is more considered than the first but still on a shoegaze/dream-pop vibe that sounds like it was made many miles away from the sunny Mediterranean beaches of Pessaro. I sat down with Costanza, Erica and Nicola to discuss all things Be Forest.

Mountain View

You're all from Pesaro, what's the city like and how does it influence your music?

N: It's a small city. There are a lot of bands and music but only a few places where we can play. This is one of the reasons the band started to tour and play in other cities.

C: It's sad and small, but it's really close to the sea.

Have you ever been tempted to move to one of the larger cities in Italy?

N: For me, I love my city, other cities would be too big for me and I don't think our music would be the same in a big city.

You guys are into films, is there a film that you would like to score? - Perhaps something by David Lynch?

N: I love Twin Peaks!

C: We've also been there.

N: We went to the place where David Lynch filmed Twin Peaks. When we toured the states, so yeah Twin Peaks or any other movie by David Lynch is ok for us.

What was the place like?

N: Yeah it's the same as in the series. It's weird.

E: We went to Twede's Café for the cherry pie.

You're part of the We Were Never Boring collective, can you tell us how you became involved and how it works for you guys?

N: There is a great friendship with the collective. We are happy to be in..

C: a kind of family.

You released your last single 'Glow' on Coward Records?

N: Yeah that's me and another guy from Pesaro. It's not properly a record label because we do everything ourselves. We press the vinyl with a machine ourselves, so each record is different because maybe we have a little problem with the machine. So it's a DIY punk record label. We only do small runs of 7inch records.

Back in 2012 you toured with Japandroids, how was that experience and how did that shape you as a band?

N: It was crazy, like a dream. We released the cover in 2012 and after a few months they called us to ask us to support them on their European tour. We love Japandroids.

E: It was also strange because you have to play in front of a lot of people and you ask yourself - really I'm doing something so big now, wow.

I guess when you were doing the cover it never crossed your mind that this could happen as a result.

C: Lucky stars

N: The first gig was in Warsaw.

How was that show?

N: I remember I cried, during Japandroids' performance.

C: He's a really romantic guy.

Are there any other special shows you've played that really standout?

N: The show with Slowdive two years ago.

C: The whole American tour. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever done.

How have you grown between making the first two albums?

N: The first one was very direct and impulsive, and the second we spent more time thinking about the sound.

Did you experiment more or try new things on the 2nd LP?

N: Yeah we were inspired by Native American music and some of those sounds made it to the record. I was listening to some Native American music on Youtube and I liked it so much and thought that with some reverb it would sound great.

E: We also like their approach to life.

C: Their way of thinking.

N: I feel like they have the most appreciation for nature.

Are you working on new material? What can we expect?

E: A lot, It will be different but we don't know how. It's all new but it's too early to say exactly what it will sound like.

N: We hope to have it out by the end of 2017 but maybe 2018.