It should be possible to introduce Big Wave without resorting to terrible "they're making a big splash" puns; but with the overwhelmingly positive response to their debut EP The Roots Of Love (Come Tumbling Down), it does prove tricky. The five-piece band for Torquay, comprised of two girls and three guys, make the kind of signature, guitar pop that captivates immediately. Jaunty bursts of noise and sweet pop melodies. New single, 'Only You' comes out this week and follows in a similar vein.

I caught up with the band to find how they're coping with doing it DIY, and to see if we should pencil in Torquay on a musical road trip to the south coast.

How did you guys get together?

We're all good friends and have been for some time. Living in a small town and being interested in similar music meant we were bound to end up being friends. The band began with a different drummer and keybie player but as things wound up recruited Matt and Mel for the parts. We now live together in what often feels like a band/friendship sitcom. We're basically 'Friends' but with more synths and dodgy hair-do's.

As a largely DIY band, how have labels, like Art Is Hard and Beautiful Strange, helped out so far?

The labels have been beyond kind. It's great just to get the music out there and we're grateful for them helping. We still get to choose the artwork and make videos etc, so there's a nice balance of having lots of input and the labels being kind enough to turn your ideas into a physical product.

How does the song writing process work? Who takes the lead and where do the ides come from?

Ella: I generally begin the process. It depends on the song but I like to demo them first and come up with a few extra parts. By the time it gets to the band I often have a structure and usually a verse and chorus/ lyrics and some nice little guitar parts sometimes a keyboard lick. It grows from there then and various members add their own touches, there are sometimes parts that don't work with a full band etc etc then that's when I have to rewrite bits. Song ideas; generally I like the whole lovelorn aspect in songs though we have a song about the Rosenberg's, generally films, news etc all filters in. We've got some new songs and I've deliberately tried to write about more contempareous stuff. There's a song about Tyler Clementi the lad that jumped off the GW Bridge. I found the story very tragic and it made me quite angry, I wish there were a little more solidarity generationally with what is basically the biggest civil rights issue of our time.

There are some wonderfully awkward poses in the video for 'Only You'; where did the speed dating idea come from?

Well, Ella, Rik and Pete were having lunch in the cafeteria (we all work in a school) and we were brainstorming ideas for the new video. Riks first suggestion was speed dating. I thought it was perfect, it fitted the theme of the song and we knew we could have a lot of fun. We rented out the top room of one of the dodgiest pubs in town, invited all our friends along and got suitably smashed. I was so impressed with how everyone excelled in their 'roles'.

What's the music scene like in Torquay? Should I be planning a road trip to the coast?

Erm, you should definitely pop down and say hello. Our Mayor has just spent £7,500 on a palm tree. That's probably the most exciting thing that's happened in Torquay in 2012. The music scene is a bit naff honestly but you don't have to travel far (Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol) to find some good bands. Kate Bush lives in Dartmoor and that's just up the road, can't say we've bumped into her yet though!

Most of your tracks are quite upbeat and fun; what are your live shows like? Do you get the odd crowd surge?

We like to play the songs fast and loud. Though I'm not sure if that's due to nerves or if we're unconsciously channelling the spirit of the Ramones, time will tell! Generally we like everything to be a bit more punky live.

It's probably a bit premature to be talking about end-of-year best ofs but with new single and sold out EP released this year, what have been the stand out moments for the band in 2012?

Playing End of the Road festival with the likes of Patti Smith, Grizzly Bear and Beach House. We have worked very hard this year. It's difficult when you come from quite a remote place, we have no connections, no way of bumping into music promoters or label peeps. Everything we have done is by the power of the internet and hard work; to have that realised by plaything EOTR was very special for us.

And, what do Big Wave have in store for us in 2013?

We hope to record an album in 2013. We want to maybe release one or two extra singles before and then go all out for an album. Can't bleedin' wait!