Just when we thought we had become completely sick of 90's inspired, green-screened visual atrocities we were completely proven wrong when an impeccably styled music video emerged online that both confused and captivated the hearts of club kids, fashion bloggers and internet moochers everywhere. Ever since we first heard Bip Ling declare how she couldn't live without blogging in her musical debut 'Bipping', we were immediately hungry for more, or at least I was. Finally, our hunger can be satisfied with her delicious new track, 'Bip Burger'.

Like most fashionistas, our girl Bip began blogging to keep a scrapbook of all her favourite outfits, spinning her own bippy twist on everything from the flashy gifs she makes to the little blob creatures that appear across the entire Bip kingdom. Everyone immediately took a shine to her hyper-enthusiastic personality, artistic flair and the way she managed to effortlessly turn her own name into a verb. She has also been signed to Storm Models, became an ambassador for the Forever 21 brand, worked alongside Diet Coke to produce a catwalk show and learnt to spin herself into the coolest it-girl DJ.

After spending our Halloween weekend jamming to her infectiously catchy new track, we caught up with our favourite mooching popstar to find out a little bit more about what goes into a Bip Burger.

Hey Bip, what exactly is a Bip Burger made from?

Buns, kisses, meaty meat, catchy champagne and Saucey sauce.

How did you get into making music from blogging?

I love fudging mooching music yar.

If you had to choose between only blogging, or DJing for the rest of your life - which would you choose?

You know what, I couldn't choose either coz I actually would prefer to perform my music, and mooch music in da studio yar. However, I'll always be making gifs and playing my favourite records 'til I die.

We totally loved the video for 'Bipping' - will there be a video to accompany 'Bip Burger'?

Thank you! Maybe baby, if you take a bite before it gets cold.

What's your favourite music video of all time?

If you could collaborate with anybody in the music industry and one fashion designer and share a Bip burger with them, who would they be?

Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld, that would be biptiful.

Aside from mooching and blogging, what else are you working on at the moment?

Mooching more music.

Best burger in London?

The BIP Burger?! Dur!

What's your usual order?