Let's all pretend that Cam'ron showed up for his show at the Forum on June 3rd. Pretend that every punter left the venue after a clean concise, hit-ridden set (a few deep cuts for the true fans), with a glow exuding from their faces - slightly drunk, maybe even a little high. A triumph in every way imaginable. This is fully what I was expecting following my interview with him the day before. He seemed in good spirits, ready to take the bull by the horns and put on a mother-fucking rap show.

As it goes, he didn't turn up, and for at least 24 hours London twitter became like an urban section in heat world - rumours swirling about whether he'd been jumped and robbed for cancelling the show, and that Megaman from So Solid Crew had suddenly found a fruitful endeavour in loan sharking. The "allegedly" prefix was omitted from all these tweets to the point that no matter how contradictory the rumours were, they all someone managed to sit in the middle section of a Ven Diagram - everything is one, everything is true.

It's all in the past now. You can't stay bitter too long at the man who did this, this and this, right? All we can do is enjoy the music, including hit internet track 'dipshits', hope for a drama free tour and hope that he pays back his debts before he steps the sacred soils of south London again.

In a more resolute and hopeful mood, this is Cam'ron and I talking about what he'd been doing these past 10 years, his plans for more music, a clothing line, some TV business and *ahem* a "tour"

When was the last time you were here?

Probably around 10 years ago. That's what they're telling! I didn't even really remember so.

And how does it feel to be back? Is anything different, do you remember any of it?

I'll know a little more when I explore. I got up, got out the place and now I'm here, but I'll try and work it out.

Any plans to do anything while you're here?

I got a show tomorrow, and then I've got radio. But other than that just be a tourist.

So how are you feeling being back on the music side of things?

It's cool - I just branch out and do other stuff with doing movies and doing clothing. I always do music whether it goes out to the public or not. But it feels good when there's a warm reception from the public. it always feels good.

What was the reasoning for wanting to the others things? Was it you trying to build on your entrepreneurial spirit?

A lot of times things present themselves - whether it's a clothing line. But I'm more than being one-dimensional. It's always about doing other stuff and having more than one source of income.

I feel like you should have been doing clothes 10 years ago! I feel like everyone's been waiting for you to do clothes!

Thank you, I appreciate that.

Why did you chose now to start releasing music now? Did you find the voice again?

The right deal presented itself. Basically, I've been focused on movies the last couple of months and company presented the right deal with the music side too. A lot of these record companies aren't even making CDs after December. If you go and buy a new car, there might not be a CD player in it, in 2014. So I just wanted to find the right lane to put music our digitally. This company - Empire Records - were the best at doing that in the United States as far as rap is concerned and we worked the deal out so I figured it was time.

When did you link up with A-Trak?

He was at a Damon Dash session and wanted to do a song with me. I didn't know who A-Trak was but he really wanted to do a song with me. And then Dame said "instead of doing a song we should do an EP" and make some money off of it. It wasn't even a big deal.

And how was it working with A-Trak? You've worked with so many producers - was he different?

A-Trak's really laid-back, he's really cool. He brought the music to the studio, we knocked the songs out. He came to my house, he laid bears, we smoked 8s. It was a laid-back environment.

But as far as working with producers now, I don't really sit in the studio with them, because you can just email me the beat and if I like it then I'll use it. But he was in the studio with me, and it was dope.

So would you say that you don't have to have the traditional rapper-producer relationship of previous times; it's more about you hearing a beat, you feeling it and that's it?

Yeah, and that's why social media is such a good outlet. Let's say you have a big name producer and you have a guy who lives in Iowa and he has a better beat than the big name producer; you might never have heard his beat if it wasn't for the internet. It's another way to get with underground producers and give them the recognition that they're supposed to get. I think it's dope. I like it.

And do you think that this is a good thing for hip-hop then? It means that we'll get a wider range of sounds?

Yes, absolutely.

And how do you think that your EP fits with hip-hop currently? Do you think it's bringing back a more classic sound or do you think it says "this is 2014 and I'm Cam'ron"?

With me, I don't really compare myself to anyone else, I really just do my own thing. I like to compare my music to fine wine - I don't really put a date on it, that's not how I hear beats or make music.

Do you think that with hip-hop right now, people have become less territorial and focusing on where rappers are coming from?

For me, I was never really on that. We always want to represent where you're from but it's always about the good music. A lot of people come up to me and say "Cam put me on I'm from Harlem". There are lawyers from Harlem, drug dealers from Harlem, doctors from Harlem…I can't just put you on. You're from Harlem but you have to make good music. It's good to represent where you're from, but you've also have to make good music.

How did you feel about the Kendrick "King of New York" verse on Big Sean's track. I saw somewhere that you were disappointed that no New York rapper properly stepped up to challenge him. Do you think the all important competition element in hip-hop has been lost?

I mean, everybody is all friendly and hunky dory which is cool, but like you say, where's the competition? I likes what Kendrick Lamar did, I thought it was dope! It wasn't no beef or fighting, it was all musical. Back when we used to compete it was fighting, it wasn't all musical. So I respected him for keeping it that way. I respected him for what he did but nobody said nothing. To me he just punched some people in the face and said "do something" and no-one did anything!

Are there any rappers that I should be checking out? Do you listen to much new music?

I don't really listen to albums that much, I listen to the radio. I like YG, I like Future, Kendrick Lamar. It varies, there's a bunch of songs that I like

Do you think there's scope to do a Dipset album some time in the future if you can all make the time?

Yeah we always hang out - Jim come to my house, Juelz comes to my house. We all see each other all the time. It's all about putting aside 2, 3 weeks and getting it done. There's no problem with us, we all know each others families and kids, we just need to set some time to do it.