Who is Count Counsellor? Well, put simply, he's 21, 6 foot 8, 1/2 English and 1/2 Australian. His debut release, the four-track & The Childhood Heroes EP is a concise collection of soul-flavoured wonky pop, which (if the UK had one) would make for the perfect summer soundtrack. EP opener 'Cloud Calls' has an essence of Friendly Fires to it while Stereogum have compared him favourably to James Blake.

Despite those comparisons, he's managed to craft his own sound with Fred (one half of Brian Eno-backed duo Sylas); a sound influenced by the sounds played by his brother and heard through his bedroom wall. They are, what he describes as "moments that shaped him and the heroes who elevated him."

What was a young Count Counsellor like? What was school like?

When I was real young, like 1 or 2, people used to look at my mum like she was crazy because she was carrying a 5-year-old child on her hip at the time, but I was just a baby. And I was real Buddha-like, growled a lot and would eat whole blocks of cheese on the regular. I was always smiley though. School was nice; I did alright at school but didn't understand exams. I never thought they would be helpful in later life, but learning was great.

The & Childhood Heroes EP is inspired by your childhood, which feels like a good starting point for a debut EP. Was this an intentional move for your debut?

This EP actually began with a whole body of work that has been built over the past 6 years, but then Fred and I went away for a little while and came back with a whole bunch of songs, four of which developed into & The Childhood Heroes. But the concept kind of just fell into place and when we took a look at the EP when it was close to finished, the story and the narrative (with endless tweaking) became super clear. So I guess it wasn't at the start intentional, but maybe subconsciously we were just heading down the right starting point for life, childhood to be the theme.

Which songs stand out the most in your mind as a child listening to songs through bedroom walls?

Nina Simone - 'Don't Explain';
 DJ Zinc - 'Super Sharp Shooter'; 
D'Angelo - 'Shit Damn Motherfucker';
 Lord Pretender - 'Human Race'; 
Sergio Mendez - 'Brazil 66'.

Fred worked with you on this EP. What do you feel he brought to the project that you perhaps couldn't?

Well he is a true bud of mine and without Fred and I together, Count Counsellor would not be here, so without him there isn't Count. We both come from very different schools of thought in music but one in the same mind when we see the world. It's a truly special thing.

Have you begun working towards an album? Is that in the pipeline?

Oh, it's out there.

Apart from your own music what else are you listening to, if anything?

A lot of Lord Pretender and realising more and more that Lady Simone is the best thing in modern music.

Any touring plans? Live shows?

I'm constantly playing live because it's an addiction - singing, drums, keys, percussion - but the Count live show is still evolving. It will be hitting you soon.

If the dodo was still alive, would it enjoy disco?

Just take another look at that booty, you tell me.

What would you like your musical legacy to be?

To make beautiful things with people all over the world and to try and make people see that we have to stop rushing our lives, just take time. And for my music to outlive my name.

Count Counsellor's & The Childhood Heroes EP is available now on iTunes.