Being able to utilize time effectively is a trait many of us can learn to integrate into our lives. Add in two other people, and keeping on track with a goal in mind could make that task even more difficult than it initially would be. Luckily for us, this isn't the case with Philadelphia-based rock outfit CRUISR. The now-three piece band has made grand strides over the years, touring with The 1975 and MisterWives, winning their own fans in the process with their infectious singles. Since then the band has been within the confines of the studio, working on their upcoming debut record. The first taste of that record has been unleashed onto the world, the band's newest single 'Take That'. The track encapsulates what people have grown to love when it comes to CRUISR, while also packing a fresh set of chords that highlight just how effortlessly CRUISR standout among the rest.

Ken Grand-Pierre sat down with frontman Andy States to find out what we could expect from their debut album, as well as how 'Take That' came to be.

'Take That' is a punchy track that's quite possibly the most exuberant the band has ever been on a recorded track. Do you feel it was important for people to see this side of you more?

I think our goal has always been to push our personal boundaries with every song we put out. In a way, it's sort of drawing a line in the sand for us. This song only begins to scratch the surface of who we are and who want to become. That's something that is still getting revealed to me every day. Our first releases have really been about growth for us, and learning how to make music that can speak to a larger audience. Take That is song that I believe showcases that ability and is a song that I hope will empower us to do a lot more with the band.

It feels like CRUISR but also like a next step, it feels like progression. Since the album is being worked on, what made you want this track to be the first one people would hear?

To me it was less about strategically releasing this track over another, and more about the fact that this idea got to a point where we loved it before the others. We've always aimed to share our music as soon as humanly possible but we put the bar as high as possible for ourselves. So when we hear something we think is over the bar, we try to get it out to the world as soon as we can.

Speaking of the debut album, it's been a long time coming. You guys were recording quite a bit throughout the winter and spring correct? What was that experience like?

We do a lot of the recording on our own so it's always been an ongoing process. Over the past 6 months the process has been more about finishing things we've started and committing to our small ideas to grow them into full-fledged songs. For us it's been about more than just shooting to get an album out, it's been about building our repertoire and audience first. At this point, we've released an album's worth of material but we don't have an album. That is very intentional.

Were any of the songs written inside the studio or did you go in with most of the ideas already formed?

We never go into a professional studio without the song about 80% finished. Most of the writing and recording still happens in a bedroom. We've been able to learn a lot about production so we can get the songs pretty close on our own. The final step is about taking it into the studio and making sure it doesn't actually sound like it was made in a bedroom.

 photo Take That Banner_zpssmxn1ubl.png

The b-side that accompanies 'Take That' is also a nice surprise! What's the story behind 'The Fritz'?

'The Fritz' is a re-release of a song that we've had for a long time and it represents where we started as a band. The song is simply about having such a good time with someone that you forget everything else and end up staying awake talking until the sun comes up.

CRUISR has had a great track record of being a fun group, but what's intrigued me the most is how you guys have never hesitated towards sounding varied and playing around with different tones and perspectives. Does 'Take That' feel like a good idea of what the album will sound like, or does it feel like the album will be more varied in tone and style?

The album will be much more varied. We, like most people, love all kinds of music. We want to make all kinds of music and realize that at the end of the day it's going to always sound like CRUISR no matter what we try. Take That will likely be the most familiar sounding song we ever release.

I love how eye-catching the artwork is, who came up with it and is it echo what we can expect from the album artwork? (In terms of style)

It is definitely representative of how we're going to approach our artwork in the future. A majority of CRUISR's members come from a design background so we are heavily involved in deciding and creating the artwork. We worked together with our manager to conceptualize the style and idea. I created a rough concept in photoshop, then went down to a thrift store and bought a bunch of old playing cards. Our drummer Jon took the photo and we put it together and sent the idea over to our label for the final touches.

Last year you guys played a massive hometown show at The Theater of Living Arts. What was it like to see the response of that?

It was honestly unreal. It was one of the best feelings of my life to have all those people there supporting us. I just felt so grateful. The catch with playing a stage like that by yourself though, is that suddenly the bar is much higher and you have to learn how to grow into it quickly.