Following the release of their new album Blahblahrians, we caught up with French duo Erotic Market for a little chat. They spoke to us about their influences, the album's recording process, and even their expectations for the rest of the year. Read on.

How did the two of you meet?

Lucas: We were both members of another band named N'Relax. Growing up musically, it became obvious we could make interesting music as a two-piece band. So we did!

Who, or what, are Erotic Market most influenced by? Do you bring different influences to the band?

Marine: The music of Erotic Market is mostly influenced by hip-hop and R&B for my part.

Lucas: I'm more into rock (most of the time noisy or "shoegazy") and experimental music, mainly electric and electronic. 

Blahblahrians has just been released. Tell me about the recording process - any themes / difficulties?

Lucas: Since we created the band, we've always been in a hurry. When our first three were completed, people asked for more. Our EP released, people asked for more. Etc, etc... So we were kind of "under pressure". Before working specifically on the album, we had four songs ready that needed additional production elements and some re-recording (mainly vocals). Two more were nearly finished but needed full recording/production. We finished the last four new songs in August 2013. The main challenge for me was to expand our music and sound (layers, rhythm, impact, mood, depth...) without losing originality. We knew we had something really special with the EP, but we had to push it further for the album. It had to be stunning.

What can we expect from the new album?

Marine : It's really colourful, playful talking about music. I think we made an album that really invites the listener to dance and laugh.

Lucas: Dazzling lights, broken rhythms, thick air and thunderous sounds!

How did you find Great Escape?

Marine" It was really amazing. We played twice and both were really crazy shows. The audience was so lovely and encouraging. For an unknown French band it feels really awesome!

Lucas: Intoxicating! So many great bands in such a small time! Great experience indeed.

What's in store for Erotic Market in 2014 and beyond?

Marin: Lots of concerts, new videos (soon the 'I Want To Be Some Booty' music video will be out) and we'll go back in our cave to write some new tracks.

Lucas: In June we're playing a very special one time show along with our French electronic buddies Spitzer as part of Lyon's main event 'Les Nuits de Fourviere', and then toughening up the new line-up and supporting the album on tour!