Until last month, Kings Cliffe's very own electro gang Fenech Soler, had been exceptionally quiet. Returning with a ballsy new track titled 'All I Know', and plenty of promises of live shows and a new album to follow up their debut, drummer Andrew Lindsay chatted about just what they've been doing ahead of their return.

"It was an idea Ben had knocking about and we were looking for something with a bit of impact when we decided to just go for it rather than be subtle" he explains of the new track. "We needed to do that with a few songs; I mean, we like to play those songs live and it's always good to have a few ups and downs on the album but I think secretly we knew that chorus had the potential to turn into a track like it is now." After killer tracks like 'Battlefields', 'Golden Sun' and 'Demons' on their debut, 'All I Know' really does sound perfectly matched to the band as they embrace a new chapter of the band, whilst making a nod to their previous anthemic past, simultaneously. Even Andrew himself confides though, that "it's been quite daunting putting something out there after what has probably, in terms of new material from us, been a couple of years."

Surprisingly, their approach to the new music was very laid back, with the single being something Andrew says they were never "really pushing to do anything with."

"It was a taster of what's to come but since the response has been so good, I think we've got to get our act together really!" he jokes. Come early 2013, an entire new full-length will arrive, but there's a warning things will sound slightly different, including "a bit more 'real playing'" which they've struggled to incorporate into their recordings before. "I think we knew we couldn't really make an album in the same way because before we made it entirely at home. We knew if we did that again we'd probably do something very similar and as much as we know that would please many people, we didn't want to do the same thing ourselves."

On the whole, the writing has continued to be something they've completed at home though with extra input then provided from the likes of Tim Goldsworthy - something they've not tried before, but already sound as if they've benefitted from. "It's been really good for us because it forced us to prepare the songs more and to not get so precious about them so someone can come in, kind of tear It up and make it better; we needed to be open to that and they've [Goldsworthy and others] obviously done some stuff we would never have thought of. It really helps to get someone's perspective to add to it in ways we've not already tried."

The band are finally sitting on an as-yet-untitled second album – "it should be finished by the end of the year" Andrew quips - much of which has been recorded either back in Kings Cliffe, or in Andrew's very own, new garden studio. "The music has moved around a lot even if we as people haven't" he comments as he recalls one writing trip to a hideaway cottage near Bath that he's sure he could never find again. There was an excursion to Russia this summer too, as they played Red Rocks festival amongst others. "It was good to play somewhere totally different and just remind ourselves how to play and be in front of an audience. We tried to play a few festivals just to check the instruments still work, and check we know how to play the songs so we're not in a completely cold position when we get to the beginning of next year. It's always a bit weird because so much programming goes into the recordings and that can be hard to get 'out' into a live setting".

The subtle hints of a tour next year are not dumfounded either, and something the band are keen to begin: "we're all coming to that point where because we know we're on that home straight we can all see, not that we're turning our attentions away from what we're doing, but that our minds are definitely thinking about going back on the road again." Summer festivals definitely aren't to be ruled out either, and they're something they've missed in 2012. "We've almost had a summer off for us. The two years before that we did pretty much everything we could [23 according to Wikipedia!], but it's good to have a break because you kind of realise and remind yourself what they're like again and that they're good to get out there too; so long as the weather's good. Thankfully I think we missed a fairly bad summer again so maybe next year will be alright!"

2013 looks rammed already then: an early tour, a new album, festivals, and barely anytime to think or relax. There's something more stirring about Fenech-Soler this second time round; the plans are bigger and bolder, the spirit just as charismatic but even more energetic and a burning dedication to their electro-pop once more. And of course it all started out as teenagers playing with synths and stunning crowds at Warehouse parties before Groove Armada of all people, picked them up to go on tour. Since then it's been a whirlwind; many remixes, and the refining of a formidable group of young men with punchy power on record and live. The four syllable name is going to be bigger than ever before next year, and 'All I Know' is just the very tip, of their baking hot iceberg.