The first song I heard by Gabriella Cohen was 'Downtown' - a track that immediately demands your full and undivided attention. Seemingly dark, hope simmers below the surface as she pours her heart out atop jangly guitars and stunning backing vocals. This is a common theme throughout her debut album, Full Closure and No Details; the perfect mix of heartache and fun.

Originally from Brisbane, Cohen recently relocated to Melbourne and signed to local favourites, Remote Control Records. When we spoke, she was taking some time out at her parent's place in the country. Although she's now firmly amongst the hustle and bustle of city living, she certainly hasn't left behind her love for Nick Drake, nature and well... not really giving a damn.

A few months back I was lucky enough to catch her at a small show in Sydney. She's charming and undoubtedly an old soul when it comes to stage presence, so it's no surprise that Cohen has been receiving much praise for her infectious live shows. "It's always good to get a little bit nervous, otherwise you become an arrogant bastard. But yeah, I like to have a good time and make people feel relaxed and enjoy themselves, I think that's important - to just generally have a good time. Going on stage shouldn't be a stressful thing."

Coming off the back of a busy BIGSOUND (Australia's mini alternative to SXSW), I wondered whether she thought more industry type events would be beneficial for budding Aussie talent, "Definitely not. The audience is all industry people and I think that musicians always perform their best when they're more natural, when it's in a natural environment; when they're having a good time," said Cohen without hesitation.

It's an interesting perspective and an authentic one too. Her views on success and the industry as a whole are consistent throughout our entire conversation. It's evident that Gabriella Cohen is driven and passionate but not necessarily motivated by being at the top: "Music is a natural organic thing and I find the industry more and more fascinating, because they're marketing it. I mean, same old story, it's nothing new but I'm just slowly figuring it all out."

Her spiritual prowess appears to have her questioning the ways of the world, something I gathered from only a short conversation. This level of awareness is likely what inspired such an honest debut. That, combined with her love for older artists including Lou Reed, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and the aforementioned Nick Drake (to name but a few).

The self-production element is particularly crucial to Gabriella Cohen's sound too, "I'm growing to love it more and more (producing). I was really lazy at first but it's such a powerful tool to be able to do that stuff." She spent ten days in the country producing Full Closure and No Details with her best friend Kate Dillon (Full Flower Moon Band). A great working duo it seems, since Dillon also plays lead guitar, keyboard and sings in Cohen's band.

Gabriella warned me early on that she'd been doing lots of yoga lately, so I was prepared for some more philosophical moments, "I've been doing heaps of yoga (laughs). I'm pretty shit at it, I'm only like, trying out my downward dog." Overall, it's obvious that there's very little stress in Gabriella Cohen's bubble, and an overwhelming desire to remain happy.

"I pretty much just play music when I'm not playing music to be honest. That's my thing. I do it anywhere, as long as I have an instrument to play I'll be fine; I'll be happy."

Her slacker style provides the perfect opportunity to put everything on the table lyrically, with a big hit of unapologetic sass. When asked if she'd ever felt vulnerable about the level of honesty in her songs she responded in the best way possible, "Nah. Nah, no way. You can take it or leave it - I don't know what else to write... I just write about whatever I'm feeling at that moment."

It's an easy groove that you might want to get on board with. Gabriella Cohen is set to release Full Closure and No Detailsin the US via Captured Tracks. You can catch her in the UK early next month (1st November - Servant Jazz Quarters / 2nd November - Brixton Windmill).