It's one thing to be comfortable and it's another to be static. It's one thing to surround yourself with new experiences and another to evolve from them. Maryland-based R&B artist Gallant has navigated through the medium during his breakout year, following the release of his consequential album Ology - which began entirely as, and has since remained, a study of self.

Earlier this year, Gallant released an introductory opus; a 16-track debut full-length project that was written as an assessment of Christopher Gallant's own 24-year-old angst-induced identity and was delivered through weightless vocals and moody contemporary R&B vibes. With words penned thoughtfully and initially for his eyes only, the album was soon received worldwide as a biographic account of a young man still coming to grips with his own sensitive purpose. And following its spring release, an accompanying international tour and incredible watershed opportunities this year (like collaborations with legends and performances at the White House), it still remains as just that. How's that for studious?

This has been a really incredible year for you. From the release of your debut album to playing events like the Apple Music Festival with Elton John to performing at the White House. How would you describe a year like this for you on personal terms?

I think it was a lot of personal growth. I did a lot of stuff that I didn't think that I could do. I had a handful of incredible opportunities that I don't take for granted. It feels like a very progressive year. But it's also very early. So I'm really looking forward to the next couple of years.

And it's still going. You're currently on tour so how has your first headlining tour been so far with so many places left to go?

It's great. I've been touring basically nonstop since March, just in a bunch of different capacities. So to be able to meet and connect with these types of audiences on a regular basis is a whole new experience. I would say it's a success. Right now, I'm a little more than halfway through the American leg of my tour. I'm definitely looking forward to going back over to Europe and finishing out there.

A lot of buzz-based artists, when they drop their album, there's a lot of hype around the project but that tends to die down once they head out on tour. But with you, it's been consistent wins all year and the hype seems to just be growing. How have you seen that movement that is Ology shape-shift and grow physically?

When I wrote the album and released it, it was kind of like I was working on it basically the hour before it was released. So it all feels very new and fresh for me. With the album being out and then being on tour, every song kind of takes on a slightly different meaning to me while I'm on stage. And as one leg of the tour comes to an end, you realize that the entire experience has gone through an evolution itself. Everything is sounding quite different night after night and feeling very fresh. It all feels really exciting. It does feel very much like the primitive stages of something larger.

What has the album and the tour shown you about the place you now occupy in music and the voice that was missing before that you've come to fill? What is that legacy that you feel is in its primitive stages?

I think that people that I've talked to seem to appreciate the approach that I took when I was writing the album, which was doing it specifically to get myself to a better mental state. More open head-space. And I was focused on making something that was basically for my ears only. To see other people connect with it in such a special way, as well as to see myself evolve on a very real, very personal way, that's motivating enough for me to believe in its worth.

Earlier this year, you were quoted as saying, "I'm not focused on bravado or an obscene level of masculinity. I just want to understand the world in a certain way and I want to understand myself in a certain way." How would you describe that personal evolution you've really seen in yourself through this experience known as your debut album?

I'm trying to be as honest as I can. I used to be afraid of elevators and so the kind of therapy I used to get over that fear was to really just ride elevators multiple times a day. That exposure. To make something not seem like such a daunting task. And I think a lot of the time, the urge to cover up every flaw or every shortcoming with this kind of boastful, braggadocio attitude is always been a red flag for me. I want to make a serious effort to work through my insecurities rather than spraying a bunch of cologne on it, trying to cover it up. And I've found that it really works from the EP that I put out a few years ago called Zebra. I was a completely different person from the beginning to the end of the process. And a much better person for it. So, just knowing that that kind of evolution and growth can exist simply through the process of not caring too much and trying to focus on yourself in a very real and passionate way, was enough for me to make that the new focus of my creative process.

And your process - to be that introspective and aware - it takes time. Now that your schedule is so busy, do you feel like you have that ability to create in that way or is there a new change in trying to balance both and figure it out in this new place?

Yeah, I think everyone goes through those windows of experience that they can look back on and say, "I remember when I was with these people and and that kind of fizzled out and then I was on to this for a little while." Everyone has those periods. And right now is definitely a balancing act. I'm around tons of people 24/7, where before I kind of had a little bit of a more controlled environment. But for the two days that I've had off, I've kind of just been hanging out alone. As depressing as that sounds, it's essential for some sort of balance and reflection. As long as I try and keep grounded as much as possible and not become diluted by the chaos of a tour experience, that kind of self-awareness will always be present enough to spark inspiration down the road.

And not far off down the road, what can we expect from you this year and even heading into 2017?

I'm dipping my toes in collaborations this year. I'm dipping my toes in the film world when it comes to scores and soundtracks. And I'm dipping my toes in other fields that I've always been interested in, like video games. And I expect to expand upon what I've loved about working in those three areas and hopefully letting those areas inspire whatever comes next. I'm in a really open place. I'm ready to take on all the challenges that comes with touring but I've been doing it basically the entire year so I'm looking forward to getting back in LA and challenging myself in a different way.