Many of you will know this Virginia native from the amazing debut album The God Complex. With just over a year since this sensational release, we had a chat with GoldLink about his latest single 'Sober Thoughts' (produced by Kaytranada), future projects and Playboy Mansion dreams.

Speaking over the phone to GoldLink, I was greeted by a guy who it becomes clear, takes life in his stride. Here's a young man who is simply having fun and enjoying this fast onset of fame. He doesn't take anything too seriously, least of all an interview; expressing his main goal for the future which is "to be happy" he also spoke of his ambitions to take over the Playboy Mansions one day because of the "culture". If you believe that - you'll believe anything! This is certainly someone with a good sense of humour. At the fresh age of 21 he has a long way to go and the future is looking incredibly bright!

It's not been long since the video for 'Sober Thoughts' was released, how was it to work with Kaytranada?
He's cool. We didn't work in the studio together on that track but we have in London once. Sober Thoughts we just worked on by ourselves.

What was the thought process behind the video? Whose idea was it not to feature in it?
My decision not to feature in it, yeah it was mine.

How come?
I don't know, it just wasn't part of the visual aesthetic.

I want to talk to you about working with Rick Rubin, how was that for you? I mean that's a pretty big deal right?
It was really fun, yeah it was great. He's cool - he's a nice guy. Very wise and very smart. So it was fun just sitting there talking to him.

Your music is often being described as 'future bounce', is that a term coined by yourself?
Nah I kind of adapted it I guess.

I watched your boiler room set with Sango, which was pretty special. How was it to perform with D.R.A.M? What's your relationship with him?
Yeah it was cool. He's cool. We're just like casual friends. He's from Virginia also.

What would you say your biggest musical influences are?
I don't really know, it's not really anyone in particular I could devote it to. I mean go-go music in DC was like a big thing for me. Just a bunch of sounds really and just living and seeing things and putting music as a background... I mean Lil Flip yeah Lil Flip.

What are you working on at the moment?
It's tight. It's just really tight yeah. It has no name.

Is it an album?
Yeah ... I don't know...

Do you think you'll release another album this year?
I might release like a ballad, like a classical ballad.

Yeah with some violins and just me with a fat woman singing along for like 85 minutes.

I love that idea. I don't think I've heard that one before.
Thank you. Yeah, pushing boundaries.

I think you're not telling me the real deal...

So you say you love London, can we anticipate a solo show in London or a European tour?
Hopefully soon. Yes for sure. Later, later because I really do love to rock it in London.

Do you follow anyone in the UK at the moment, who are you listening to?
Yeah a girl named Nao, she's really good. And Mura Masa is really good. And Tom Misch. Nao's really I guess alternative R&B and Tom Misch is alternative R&B and Mura Masa is like a producer guy but he's really talented as an artist as well so he's like ultra-dimensional - he's really good.

Can we expect a collaboration between any of you guys?
Yeah for sure, yeah I'm watching them right now.

So you've been touring recently? How did you find it?
It was good. I mean it was fast. I learnt a lot and saw a lot.

I mean, you're quite young aren't you. Are you 21?
Yeah I'm 21.

So how do you find that, is it a whirlwind experience going on tour?
It's cool, I like seeing a lot of things, learning a lot and at this age so I can understand how to channel that information going forward. So it's really interesting.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
Ermmm... happy.

Aw I like that!
That and that I've accomplished everything that I want to accomplish.

Do you have anything that you want to accomplish not music related?
Yeah, I want to be able to go to Playboy Mansions once a month and converse with everyone like me and you, talk about life situations. Maybe take over Playboy.

Is that because of the ladies or...?
No, not at all it's more because the empire's so beautiful. I want to keep the culture.

[Laughs] I don't believe you again, that doesn't float with me.
I like the culture and maybe the girls but whatever [laughs].

You can find out more about GoldLink by heading here.