Goldlink holds rank.

His real name is D'Anthony Carlos, but he is better known as GoldLink. The 23-year-old rapper is from Washington, D.C and earlier this month, I had the pleasure of getting to know the artist before his last show on tour. We talked the tour, his home, his music catalogue and his career.

How does it feel being the last date on the tour?

It's relieving, I love this city (Toronto), so it's just a really good city for me to end on and just kind of, go about my ways. It feels like accomplishing something when you're about to finish a tour.

And I know you love being home, you love being in Washington, how much homesickness do you get while away?

Super. It's bad. I mean I'm born and raised there, that's all I know. It's a weird place to be from, as far as like,iIf you're not really from there or you never really spent time there, it's hard to understand it. So I've adapted to that so much. The lifestyle to the lingo to the way we dress to the way we act, I present myself as - I just don't fit anywhere better than at home.

Now I know on your album, a lot of the artists on the album are from Washington, from where you are. Was that something you went into while making the album or was just organic thing for you?

It was something that was organic, just something that happened. I stayed home when I made the record, so I just kind of used the resources around me first before I went to get anybody else, but it wasn't just a conscious thing.

Now for the collaborations, are there some on the albums that are your favourites so far?

Everything's my favourite honestly, I love the Shy Glizzy record, he's one of my favourite artists.

Are there some songs on the album didn’t make it, because I know a lot of artists have their own special vault of songs, are there any songs that didn't make it?

Not that many, but not enough.

And taking it a step back and when you went from your second mixtape to your album, was there this sort of pressure because it was an album to you or was it just another organic thing?

No pressure, I don't feel any pressure. And I understand the added pressure that's created, but I don't really understand it. It's all about you, if you make whatever's good to you, then there's no such thing as pressure.

That's true, now you dropped your mixtape two years ago and you came back with this one(new album) two years later, is it every two years for you? Cause I noticed that on your discography?

Yeah I noticed that too, I don’t know why, I mean it kind of just happens that way, it feels that way and the records they make me last that way. You know God Complex felt it lasted for 18-24 months, it just felt right. And then when it felt like it was time to move on, I moved. It might be a two year thing though, I just said that in the car the other day like damn, every damn near two years.

Now how do you feel about this, kind of new era in music where we get music so fast, like there may have been fans of yours that kind of when your album dropped, like oh can I get new music, you know what I mean, how do you feel about that?

I don't really pay attention to that man. The thing is music is timeless, if you make timeless music, it's always going to be there forever, music doesn't go anywhere. Like if I don't listen to the new Kendrick album today, it's going to be there tomorrow, like 85 years from now, like there's no point of me rushing it.

Finally, when people think of Goldlink, what's something you want people to take away from that, what's kind of your mission statement as an artist?

Just iconic. Like yeah, he doesn't miss and he's an icon. Like, this guy gives a fuck, unlike other people. That's all there really is.