Parisian due Simon and Victor, formally known as Her, have just dropped a music video for their track 'Union' - it follows the recent release of the highly acclaimed Live Tape #1.

They recently had four shows in the UK including performances at Brighton's The Great Escape festival, where we were lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Simon and Victor along with the whole band. We put a few questions to the band talking about their influences, their impeccable suits, and what's in store for the rest of 2016.

Having both lived abroad before returning to France, you must both have some diverse influences. Can you tell us about some of your influences and how they have shaped the music of Her?

We listen to a lot of American artists like Shuggie Otis, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding or the Motown scene. We try to be soulful in our music. It's essential to feel the emotions and to embody the lyrics. We also love newer artists like Kendrick Lamar, James Blake, Child of Luv or Bibi Bourelly. We try to do our own mix of all those influences.

Her have become known for always being impeccably dressed and having a trademark look, are the suits intentional and do they reference any influences to the band?

When are on stage it's a real performance. We always have to give it our best and the suits are part of the show. We love the way that most of the original soul artists dressed up. The Temptations had amazing suits for example. We have a style collaboration with a Parisian brand called Rives; we work together trying to mix soul influences with modern ones.

You recently played four shows in the UK, how did they go and what would you say was great about playing in the UK?

It was a great, but a really intense experience. We played three shows in one day at The Great Escape festival in Brighton which we'd never done before. It meant that the last show of the day was really special and crazy because we were so tired! We also played our third headline show in London at The Forge and it was really packed. W are so happy as a French band to be able to have some English fans.

Tape #1 has been well received in the UK with accolades from Annie Mac and Beats 1. How did the British crowds compare to your home crowds?

They understand most of the lyrics. No, for real, in France sometimes people don't really get the irony of the lyrics.

Live Tape #1 was released earlier this year and more recently you released the video for 'Union'. What else can we expect from Her in 2016? Are there any more UK tour dates or music on the cards?

Yes we are always working on new music. We were recording some songs last week. Her Tape #2 is on its way! We also worked with a french producer called Yuksek on his latest EP called Sweet Addiction. We'll also be back in England to play some gigs in October. We can't wait.