Sajeeb Saha, the Bangladesh-born, NYC-based producer and artist known as Jai Wolf, has been making major waves following his remix of Skrillex's 'Ease My Mind' back in 2014 and the release of his hit single 'Indian Summer' in 2015. Since then, he's toured the U.S., played at big name festivals like Coachella and SXSW, and put out a number of successful remixes and tracks.

Just this month, he finished his first headlining tour, Somewhere in the Forest, which should prepare him for his summer shows including What The Festival in June.

Tell us about your musical beginnings.

I grew up playing the violin since I was 5 and I played in orchestras my whole life. In high school I picked up the guitar.

When did you get into electronic music? Who do you pull most of your musical influences from?

I always had an ear for electronic music since I was a kid. I was always drawn to synth-based sounds and vocaloid / auto-tune effects. Even though my music doesn't sound like him I'd say I'm definitely influenced by Kanye West. He has such grand ideas for his music and I'd like to think that I approach writing music in a similar fashion.

I remember hearing 'Indian Summer' at Odesza's show at House of Blues in Boston back in November 2015. How has your journey changed since your remixes (such as Skrillex's 'Ease My Mind' official remix, Odesza's 'Say My Name' remix, Kiiara's 'Feels' remix) became widely popular?

I would say I've become more focused with the sound I want to create. In 2014, I was still toying with the idea of making EDM which birthed 'Ease my Mind'. After 'Indian Summer' came out, I had a more clear idea of where I wanted to go.

Do you feel the generalization of EDM has taken away artists' ability to define their sound and associate with a specific genre?

Definitely. I don't consider myself EDM at all. I prefer the term Indie / Electronica which is a broader umbrella term that doesn't feel "boxed-in" at all. I've always felt that being categorized into EDM puts a ceiling on artists.

Do you adjust when playing for a huge crowd at a festival versus an intimate show in a smaller venue? Is there a technique you have for feeling out what the fans want to hear?

Crowds at a smaller venue came to see me so I have to freedom to play whatever I want instead of catering to the crowd. Statistically, at a festival there are a lot of strangers who come to see you They're usually friends of your fans or people who only know a 1 or 2 songs of your songs. Sometimes I'll play more familiar songs or energetic songs at a festival to cater a bit more to these strangers.

If you could play a show with anyone at any venue, who and where would it be?

It would be pretty cool to play a big venue like Madison Square Garden with some of the other Foreign Family artists like Odesza, Big Wild, Rufus, and Louis Futon.

How do you pick tracks to remix? Do you have any you'd love to work on next?

I have to really feel the vibe of the song. I'm also a huge fan of airy female vocals. The new AlunaGeorge song 'I Remember' is dope, I'd love to remix that.

I've read you originally wanted to be Direwolf and not Jai Wolf. Big Game of Thrones fan? Do you think an artist's name is a way for them to express part of their identity?

Definitely. I think a lot of names, much like what I said about EDM, can easily box in an artist or give them a ceiling. I wanted to be taken seriously which is why I threw away my old name No Pets Allowed.

Musically and/or personally, what would you like to see happen for yourself in 2016?

I definitely would like to release more originals over remixes.

Will you be throwing any surprises for us at What the Festival?

You'll have to come to my set to find out!

Leave us with one song to listen to that you think will change someone's day.

Elohim - 'Sensations' (Wheathin Remix).

Jai Wolf's newest track 'Drive' is out now. Tickets and information for What The Festival 2016 are available here.