With his forthcoming debut album out early next year in the UK and a huge following gained in Europe, Josef Salvat has made a name for himself as a reputable singer/songwriter with his soulful yet punchy pop ballads (Radio 1 are big fans and he also scored a number one hit on the French airplay Chart).

He's halfway through one of his biggest tours to date, so we caught up with the Sydney born/Londoner ahead of his sold out show at Le Trianon in Paris for a brief chat, and some behind the scenes photos.

The adventure started with the Eurostar on a cold Sunday morning...

You've been here [Paris] back and forth a lot this year...

Yeah a lot. There have been some times where I've had a bunch of promos Tuesday-Thursday and then I'll have Monday-Tuesday again the next week. I'd rather stay here than go back to London - I've got a bunch of friends who live here with their own flats and spare rooms so it fits. It's all fun but like, yeah, I live in London so I'm only there for 4-5 days.

Do you see London as less of a base for you now?

No it's actually more of a base... because this is definitely not a base 'cause I come here and I'm living out of a suitcase. I'll be going between my friend's place and going to a hotel, it feels very transient here. London becomes more of a base the less time I spend there in a weird way. I had a moment with London actually two weeks ago where I struggled with that city. It's such a cruel mistress.

How long did it take for you to feel settled in the city?

For me, it took ages. When I first went to London in 2010, I was there for six weeks looking for my manager. It wasn't until I moved to Haggerston two or so years after moving that I felt like I had a proper community, 'cause I had friends within blocks so could call people up after work for a coffee or whatever.

I just hated it because of how big it is and because of the transport, which is brilliant but it takes so much out of you and It's so expensive.

I had this moment though, I was on a bus going to rehearsals where I was like actually, It would be difficult for me to leave and move somewhere else in Europe, even though I talk about it all the time I don't actually see myself doing that at all.

London was a very different city, the city I saw then to what it is now. It was still quite a bit cheaper and there were a lot more artists there.

I feel like London's a living bank where a lot of wealthy international people just pocket their money, 'cause it's in pounds and it's London. It doesn't matter what happens to the rest of the UK, London is London, it's all in a bubble... but they don't live there so they price everybody that does actually live there. I care about these kinds of issues about London, I am invested in it to a certain extent.

What are your upcoming plans?

Once this little tour wraps up then I'm writing. The thing about this album is I finished it two years ago. I'm proud of it, I've been more or less on and off touring these past three years. It doesn't represent where I am musically or creatively but its something I have to do, I have to release this album before I can move on.

Every single person I work with as individuals they're beautiful people but the machinery of the label is difficult. Creatively that's what is hardest about it. At the same time, I would like a career and the most important thing to me is the opportunity to write music and have people listen to that. Hopefully people can still see it to a certain extent that these are songs I wrote as a kid growing up. There was no grand design behind it. It was just a collection of stuff you know? It's a negotiation; I just have to keep my foot in the door. I'm really happy and excited about this album coming out.

So where do you see yourself in the future?

London's in my skin and I'll stay there for the foreseeable future. It's there everything started for me. It will be a very important part of my personal history, I realise looking back in twenty years times. So even if the records coming out here first and even if I'm playing at this incredible venue here in Paris but for London I wouldn't be here.

The Show, Paris and a Return Trip Home.