Born to a musical family on both parent's sides, Darlyl Kent Jones, stage name Kent Jones is an American Rapper born in Tallahassee, Florida. Growing up, Jones spent time in Tallahassee, Memphis and South Florida, before making his way to Miami to start his music career as a producer working with collaborators like Cool & Dre.

In 2015, Jones signed with DJ Khaled and released his first mixtape, Tours with smash record 'Don't Mind', blending Hip-Hop and R&B. Recently, Jones released a new single called 'Merengue' and in a phone conversation, we talked about the new single, what it was like growing up, his career and what can be expected of him for the rest of the year.

Your born in Tallahassee, Florida, tell me about growing up there and how the area shaped your music taste?

Well, I wouldn't go as far as saying the area of Tallahassee shaped my music taste, I would say that my family, my dad's side of the family, cause my dad's side of the family lived in Tallahassee, where I was born, shaped my music because my dad's side of the family are all musicians. Now after moving away from Tallahassee to Memphis, Tennesse, where I spent a few years of my childhood, I did though live in South Florida for a bit, but Memphis was the starting point of shaping something I never knew I even had in me to do as a kid. And even on my mom's side of the family in Memphis, it was all musical.

So, do you think because you had such a big music family that it kind of helped you pave the way to enter music because you had that influence around you in Tallahassee and Memphis?

Of course, let's put it like this, I always knew I was going to do something in music. I knew that I was always going to be doing something in music, matter of fact, I was in college, I got the scholarship to go study jazz to become a professor to teach music, like really teach music, like reading music, all of that, so I always knew I was going to do something in music. You know, I never knew it was really going to pan out and be some artist like this, this is crazy.

Now your first foray into music was working with Cool & Dre, how did you connect with them? And at that point, were your music goals at the time was just being a producer?

At the time, yeah it was just being a producer and I ran into Cool & Dre through some mutual friends we had at the time, they were working together at the time and we ending up clicking with me and Cool & Dre.

Now as a producer, tell me about your first placements and what it felt like? It must have been a surreal feeling.

I was about maybe 20, c'mon you know I was happy, I sold my first beat for $500 dollars and I thought I was the man, nobody could tell me nothing.

Jump forward to 2015, Cool and Dre introduce you to DJ Khaled, who signs you in a joint venture with Epic Records and We The Best Music Group, by this time you're around 21 years old, that must have been a crazy feeling, tell me about it?

Well, let me clear that up for you, I was already an artist before DJ Khaled, before I met DJ Khaled, I already had 100 songs on my Soundcloud or you know what I didn’t have that many, but I was heading towards that, but I already had music, that's how Khaled found me, I had like 100 songs. And remember, I was in the studio with Cool and Dre, and even though I was getting placements, I was still recording my own music, I was hiding it, but like "Don't Mind" was like my 400th song.

So, from 2015 till now, you've released three mixtapes, "Tours," and "Too Much Too Soon," and "The Luh Tape" you had a massive success with your single "Don't Mind" from your Tours mixtape, so can you tell me the growth you've had with each passing tape?

Well, I'm about to be 25, I'm a father now, but as far as me, as my development as a human and as a musician, as a father, just all of this, it's a lot of new things going on. Like I've never had a child before, I was new to being a father, I was new to having a platinum record, I was new to being all over the radio, I was new to touring, I was new to doing a million radio drops, I was new to radio runs, that's what it is, you understand what I'm saying? It's just all these new situations. And through all of these things, I've learned so much about myself.

And since you're about to be 25, which is still relatively young, do you think starting your career young helped shape you?

Yes, but you know it's how I started it though, it's not even when I started it, it's how I started it. I started it as a musician, as a studio rat, as a music geek, call it whatever you want to call it, I thrived off of that, that's what I thrived off of. Just my approach helped shape me as an artist. Yes, starting young helped, god bless the people who do start late though, but personally, it's the way I started, I lived in a studio for 4 years, you know what I'm saying? And I wasn't just chilling, I was working every single day.

Now this past January, you released a new single, "Merengue" what was the process behind the single?

The process behind the single was Cool & Dre telling me you need to do this record. And I was like, okay, because I'd never be the person to go against Cool & Dre and after making the record and hearing it, it sounded bright, wonderful and happy.

And in terms of more music, what more can be expected from you for the rest of 2018?

I got a list for my A&R, there's a list of about 6 new singles coming after "Merengue" this year. It's scary. Like, at least 6, I got the list on my phone and it's a list of the most fire songs that I have, like wow, it's scary.