Keynes Woods has been around. Having started his life in the Congo, he’s moved to Ottawa and now Toronto. It’s in Ottawa where Woods started to really get into music and that’s where he started his career. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Woods to discuss his early life, the music scene in Ottawa and of course, his music.

So, I know you grew up in the Congo for the first 8 years of your life, looking back on that, how do you think it helped you grow as a person?

Well, I pretty much had a regular childhood. I guess seeing the differences living in a place where the majority of people are black and then moving and seeing the majority is white, but for the most part my childhood was normal.

Did you want to move when they told you that you were moving?

Nah. It’s always hard leaving a place you call home. I remember not wanting to move at all, like why are we moving?

And is it back then when you started getting your love of music?

Not really. Like my dad always played music around me and had like instruments in the crib, like It was a musical household. I got put in piano lessons. Took violin. I wasn’t good at any of them, but I took classes. But yeah, I wasn’t in love with music until I moved to Canada.

So you get to Ottawa, and I know you started making music around 2015/2016, how can you describe Ottawa’s music scene?

Ottawa’s music scene is kind of getting better. Kind of like no scene really, especially in hip-hop. Whereas in Toronto, you have Killy, you got Jazz Cartier, we don’t really have anything like that.

So how were you navigating the scenes around that time?

There were people still music making music, but we live in 2018 and even then, there’s the Internet, so you don’t really need to be from some specific place anymore.

And how do you think you have used the Internet to your advantage then?

I mean, I started connecting with people, a lot of people on Instagram. I met my managers through Instagram, which would have never happened because they're both from London, so that would have never happened without the Internet. One of my art directors from London as well, so it’s helped out a lot.

Now talking about the music - what was the process behind your Temporary project?

I was at my house in Ottawa working and I didn’t really know much, so I wasn’t really thinking about the process, it was just a learning process.

And on the flipside, if the project was a learning process, how was it like performing the songs live? Were you comfortable at the start?

Live, I definitely had to work hard to get comfortable. Before I was like, It didn’t matter, I’ll just perform, but now I know how important it is and how playing shows is how important to build my career.

Now you’ve actually moved again, now living in Toronto, what brought you to the city?

I moved for music, just to get out of Ottawa and make more connections.

And I know you’ve been dropping new singles for the past couple of months, can we expect a project soon?

Originally, they were supposed to be part of a project, but instead, we're just building towards that and building a fanbase, so we’re just dropping singles and videos. But a project will for sure be coming out in the near future!